Planner fun April Week one

Good morning everyone! I’m here to share with you my 1st week spread in my April planner.

Like I’ve said before, I set my planner up like a lot of people do. I write in what I already know I have planned, add a little decorating and then wait for the day to day to come along and add things in.

I like to change things up when I’m playing in my planner.  I like to add sticky notes, and I always love the ones that come in the kit! And I like to add in some of the DITL cards! There are always ones that match from the DITL kit that seem to match.

This week my Wednesday was my busiest day, I had so much to go threw here at my house. I guess starting my spring cleaning, and man oh man was it needed!! I didn’t quite make it through my whole list but I did manage to get through most of it in one day! Huge plus for me! I did get it all done this week though! But I also managed to go out and spend some time with the kiddos and have some fun!

This week I added in a DITL card as a flip up. I wanted it for the pop of color and for the functionality of it. I love to add pictures into my planner, I do a lot of small pictures that fit in to the day to day boxes, but I like to add in some larger ones here and there too. The pictures may not be anything major, just a smile caught, but I love that I can look back and see pictures and remember what was going on at that time.

I layered in some of that beautiful dotted washi and some of those pretty butterflies, I love all the pretties! Sometimes I have to really work on not using all of them on one spread! I have to remind myself that there are 3 more weeks in the month! lol

I hope you liked this little peek into my April planner so far, I will be sharing more and I hope you follow along to see!

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  1. Laura Daniels

    Sarah! Love how you make your Planner into a “memory planner” the photos add the perfect touch! Well done (hugs)


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