Planner 101 – Week 1: 01 Welcome to Planner 101!

Greetings. Thanks for joining us in our first-ever planner class. This class originally ran in June and July of 2015. We hope you’ll find plenty of inspiration here, as well as in our Planner 102 class.

Click the link to download this free Class 101 Planner Printable to enjoy!

Here is the original Welcome message posted to the message board when the class was first published in 2015:

“Hello, I am Christine and I am the owner of Cocoa Daisy, and I wanted to thank you for joining us! I am so excited to be sharing this class and my planner passion with all of you. The contributors have worked very hard putting together an amazing class filled with tips, techniques, inspiration and of course lots of pretty planner pics.

I thought to start things off I would share how Cocoa Daisy became involved in producing planner pages, it’s a fun little story. I’ve had planners since I was in my 20’s originally the Franklin Covey zippered and then an old Memory Dock planner since about… well it seems like forever, my best guess would be about 2002? I loved that Memory Dock planner especially since it had a space on the front for a picture and I still have it, it’s been well loved and worn. For many years I used some old printable pages I had found that would fit my Memory Dock planner and they worked fine, but they were not very pretty.

So fast forward to about December of 2014, I was looking around on the internet trying to find a new printable that was both functional and pretty and getting frustrated because nothing fit my needs. So I just decided to make my own printable, I posted a picture on Instagram and got this great response. At the same time Emily, who seems to always be able to spot what is on trend, was whispering in my ear telling me that CD needed to make inserts, that there are a lot of planner people out there that would love them! After a few months of posting pics of my planner and listening to what people had to say I really started to give it some serious thought. I also really wanted to have pages made up and hole punched because I was tired of printing them and I was also tired of looking at the same designs month after month.

So out my own selfish desire for pretty pages, and Emily’s gentle nudging I decided to jump in! It took month’s of back and forth with our designer, Arleigh, and working with the printer to get just the right paper (not too thick, not too thin, could stand up to stamping and would showcase the bright colors well) and in September of 2014 we debuted the very first Cocoa Daisy, Daisy Day Planner Pages! I am thrilled and humbled by the response we’ve received, the planner community is such a wonderful and encouraging group and I am so happy to be a part of it!!

So without further ado let’s get the class started!!”

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