Planner 101 – Contributor Spot Light: Doris Sander

What do you use your planners for?

I use my planner for everything! I keep all my important dates in it in multiple places. I use it to motivate me with making healthy choices in everything from water intake, to choosing salads, to exercise. I use it for goal setting at the beginning of each month. I use it for journaling about my days, gathering ephemera, and as a creative outlet. And of course, I use it to brainstorm ideas, unload my brain, and keep me on track with the things I need to get done.

Advice for picking a planner.

I would advise someone new to the planner process to pick one that looks appealing and stick with it for three months. This is a good amount of time to get used to a system and to work out how you can make it work best for you. I would then suggest that you try other systems from time to time. I think rotating planners from time to time keeps you motivated and enjoying the process. Too much routine can get boring!

5 of your favorite planner items.

Sharpie fine tip pens and markers
Washi tape in all the pretty colors
Fun stamps, especially icons
Tiny alpha and number stickers
Labels and tabs

What do you love about being a planner girl?

It is really such a fun community and joining in is a way to stay motivated and meet new people with like interests (hello all you goal setters out there!).

How long have you been planning?

I have been a public school teacher for years and years, so planning is second nature to me. I just joined the planner decorating craze in January, however, and there is no looking back!

Where do you gain your inspiration from?

I really love watching decorating videos on YouTube. I have found a few people that I enjoy, but would LOVE some good suggestions from the planner community.

What is your “style?”

I think my style is colorful with fun graphics and lots of my handwriting.


What’s in your pencil case

I don’t yet have a pencil case (sad face), but for on the go planning I really just need an old fashioned wooden pencil and a fine tip Sharpie pen. At home I have a whole rainbow of sharpies to choose from that I keep in a vintage wooden drawer.
Contributor Spot Light is a special way to get to know your contributors on another level. Get to understand what they use their planners for a more in depth and personal side that you may see beyond just lessons. Here we have today from the Cocoa Daisy Team: Doris Sander. Feel free to comment below anything you’d like to say to her, questions, thank you’s, virtual hugs

One thing you’d advise someone who’s a beginner at planning?

Get the basics of your daily calendar started, brainstorm a list of goals for yourself, and then work on one thing at a time. Trying to do everything at once is just too overwhelming!

What is your unicorn?

I don’t really have a unicorn. I use the Cocoa Daisy A5 inserts exclusively. I do find the Midori system very intriguing, however, and am curious to see what Cocoa Daisy comes out with in this arena.


I have found that the secret to living a healthy lifestyle is to find a simple way to keep yourself accountable on a daily basis. I have one simple calendar page that I use to keep track of miles/steps, water, and salad consumption and it really does help me to stay motivated.

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