Planner 101 – Contributor Spot Light: Florence Antonette

Contributor Spot Light is a special way to get to know your contributors on another level. Get to understand what they use their planners for a more in depth and personal side that you may see beyond just lessons. Here we have today our contributor Florence Antonette. Feel free to comment below anything you’d like to say to her, questions, thank you’s, virtual hugs

What do you use your planners for?
I use a total of 4 planners, 5 if you consider my Midori a planner.
I have my Daily Planner which holds my Cocoa Daisy Inserts, my Color Crush that I use for decorative week on two pages, and the Erin Condren for design team projects and social media due dates, and my Ink Well Press for journaling/ memory keeping/ anything that’s on my mind. My Midori/ Travelers Notebook is where I stay creative and do monthly challenges: #creativemidorichallenge (that I host on IG).

Advice for picking a planner.
I would say shop around, stay within your budget, and go with your heart. Planners will come and go, and honestly you will collect more of your fair share of them, it’s an addiction. But before you drop a hefty load of money on one, make sure you love it and it’s worth it for you. The worst feeling is getting the planner, not loving it and paying over price for it and losing out on money.

5 of your favorite planner items.
– Sharpie Pen
– Washi Tape
– Ephemera
– Stickers
– Scrapbooking items

What do you love about being a planner girl?
I love how big this community has evolved. I also love being a role model. I started off just like everyone else, but definitely found my niche. It came secondary and so very easy for me to get into planners because paper crafting is definitely my first love. I absolutely love getting to meet new friends, and create bonds with individuals that will last my lifetime.

How long have you been planning?
I started around 3rd grade, loved it in middle school, used it heavily throughout college and it came back into my life 2.5 years ago.

Where do you gain your inspiration from?
I crave blank slates. I love piecing things together and see magic happen before my eyes. Is that weird? Some people hate having nothing to work with, but you must start somewhere and that’s how everything comes together for me. I look at my stash or the kit that I’ll be working with and kind of just move things around here and there and BOOM! I’m done.

What’s your “style”?
I definitely have a scrappy/ collagy style.
I tend to lean towards mint, gold, and pinks. I try my best not to gravitate to it.


One thing you’d advise someone who’s a beginner at planning?
There’s nothing wrong with purchasing your planner second hand sometimes you find the best deals or the most rare binders that way.

What is your unicorn?
Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Large Agenda

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