Staying motivated for the new year

For 2017 I’ve decided to go back to my ring planner for a while. I love switching things around in my planning. I was a little sad to leave my Mini Daisy Dori so I decided to take him a long. The small size makes it the perfect on the go companion to most ring bound planners. I’m using my Personal Filofax Malden again and noticed that the mini Daisy Dori would fit perfectly into the back pocket! All I did was take the back cover of the book and slide it into the back pocket of my Malden.

For me staying motivated is really important. I need places to write my thoughts and keep my notes and things separate from my plans. I wanted a place for those extra things I don’t always like to keep on my weekly pages and adding this small book into my planner solved that. I also wanted it to be something that was monthly and can be switched out easily. Here is a peek into the sections I’m trying out this month. I’m sure I will change things up in the coming months depending on my needs which makes this system perfect.

I used the tabs and stickers that come in the kit to separate my sections. They have great prompts on them in case you need a little help deciding what to use your book for. The first section I have is titled “happy thoughts” and I plan to literally write down things that make me happy. What a wonderful thing to look back on when you’re having a bad day!

I decided to add a “Month at a Glance” page bullet journal style. I may use this as a gratitude page and just simply write one thing I’m grateful for each day. I think that’s a good practice to start in the new year.

I added a “Budget” section to help me curb my extra spending. I buy a lot of planner stuff, lol! You can relate right?! I plan to write down all of my extra spending here so I can visually see it adding up throughout the month. I’m a visual person and seeing my spending will really help me.

This section is lovingly titled “Love Myself”. I want to start journaling more for me. I’ve noticed most of my journaling is telling other people’s stories, which is important, but I need to make sure I’m telling my stories too.

This last section is for notes. Just a place to scribble down anything and everything!

I’m excited to try my new little companion this month and I already feel more motivated to better myself. I wish all of you a Happy and Healthy New year!

Happy Planning




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