Handmade Dividers for your Planner…

Happy Wednesday to you all!!!

Happy to see you here today because I am sharing with you how I make handmade dividers for my planner!  I found some scrapbook paper in my stash that match GREAT with this months inserts…let’s get started…


After you pick out your patterned papers, you will need to trim them down to size.  To figure out the size, I just measure the inserts that came with my planner.  At this point I don’t worry about the tab…all edges are cut straight…


To create tabs, I use my tab punch with my leftover trimmings.


You can do a couple of things here to attach your tabs…either adhesive or a stapler.  I chose a stapler because I like the look 🙂


I took my dividers to my local FedEx Office Print & Ship Center to get laminated!  I think I might start to think about investing in a laminator 😉 ohhhhh, Santa…I have been a good girl this year!!!


Once I got home, I took my scissors and trimmed off the excess laminate on each divider and punched holes with my template (one of the dividers that came with my planner).


On this divider, you can see the laminate around the tab…you want to leave a little “laminate edge” all the way around so you don’t break the “seal”.


Hope you get a chance to play around and create your very own dividers!  If you use double sided patterned paper, it will be thick enough and you won’t have to laminate them…unless you want them to be really sturdy!  I have also used thin chipboard as dividers and added embellishments and papers to the top of that too!  Oh, the possibilities are endless when customizing your planner 🙂

Now I leave you with my first week in review insert for December…


Thanks for stopping by!

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