Creating with the May Planner Add-On Kit!

Happy Weekend, Daisies!!!  I am beyond thrilled that the weekend is here 🙂

Last week when I received my May Day Planner Kit, it also had the May Day Planner Add-On Kit!!!  I am going to jump right in and show you what I have been up to with this kit…


I thought it would be fun to use some index cards and add an instax photo (from that day) to a few days here and there, in between my insert pages.  I am not doing it for every day because my planner would get really thick…not that I don’t mind a chunky planner…I just want to make sure I can snap that closure 🙂 As you can see below I used a label sticker for each index card to mark the day, added an instax photo and then embellished with the puffy stickers…



Don’t forget to use one of your inserts as a template to mark the holes…and punch them out with a single hole punch!  Insert your cards in the appropriate day…PERFECT 🙂



Besides playing around with the add-on kit, I wanted to share a few of my inserts…



I thought it would be fun to also show you where I spend a few minutes each night to plan…

This is actually a shot of my craft table.  You can see that I have a peg board up against the wall where I hang all of my “go to” craft supplies.  Those plastic containers store most of my loose embellishments and then on top of those three containers, is a pouch that stores my favorite pens/markers!  That pouch goes with me in my bag, along with my planner.


This metal drawer holds some of my stickers and labels that I grab from, to decorate my planner with.  I picked this metal drawer up at a local vintage shop.  I am always on the hunt for the perfect storage unit!!!


I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I will see you again in May! xo

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