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When I joined the planner community almost 4 years ago I had no idea where it would take me! I turned to IG for inspiration and a place to share my love for pens and paper. I was shocked to find so many people who loved planning as much as I did. Joining the online community has brought amazing things to my life and Cocoa Daisy is one of them. 

The Cocoa Daisy community is full of inspiration and people that love the same things I do! Today I’m going to share some inspiration from our very own community! We are starting a new hashtag, #CocoaDaisyCommunity, to help everyone find tons of inspiration in one spot! If you use the hashtag CocoaDaisyCommunity your photo could be chosen for next month’s Community Blog post! Let’s keep sharing and inspiring each other!

I love the way @Planlikejane is using her pages in a coil planner! She trimmed down her week on one page to add in between her weekly view. What a great idea! 

The clips from September’s planner kit look oh so cute peeking out from @Autumcrafts planner! They even match the PenGems pen and her beautiful turqoiuse elastic. It’s the little things that can make your planning just a little bit better.

This scene from @crazy4planner looks like a planning session right out of my house! I love that she plans right next to her kids and I love her use of that open page in her DaisyDori. 

Sometimes we need ideas on how to use those Daisy Dori pages. Here @nakafax has broken her pages down into sections for tracking her meals. It looks beautiful and functional! 

I love the way @Mariesheil added pieces to her clips to add interest. She really made these clips her own. What a great way to alter something already in the kit! 

Thank you to everyone who allowed me to use their photos! This community is so inspiring and I feel so honored to be apart of it! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #CocoaDaisyCommunity for your chance to have your photo featured on the Cocoa Daisy Blog!

Happy Planning 

xoxo Tricia


  1. Simone Schermann

    Thank you, Tricia, for finding and sharing these great ideas!

  2. Linda Ledwith

    Thank you! I needed that inspiration.

  3. Laura Daniels

    Loved be inspired Tricia! Thanks for sharing!


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