Making It Work in my PLANNER…

Good Morning, Daisies! Alissa here today with a planner post. I know, you’re not used to me sharing my planner goodness. Well, today, I’m coming out! 🙂 I really wanted to share how i’m making the Daisy Day Planner inserts work for me.

Here’s a photo of my planner.
It’s a personal size traveler’s notebook from Chic Sparrow. I LOVE the personal size. It’s the size I was most comfortable in when I used ringed planners and I was so happy to find traveler’s notebooks in this size, too. The trouble is, the lovely new Dasiy Dori inserts, which I do use in a Midori TN as a DITL/art journal, only come in the larger standard size. Well, I didn’t let that stop me at all!

I make my own grid paper inserts in the personal size to use for the base. The grid paper is really thin, so, my inserts don’t get too thick with the added paper. I trim down the WO2P inserts, adhere and washi tape the edges down. I make the inserts large enough to add 3 months of the weekly spreads so my planner isn’t too thick. I’m not a chunky planner lover, but I don’t like it too thin either. 🙂 I was really missing the water trackers from the daily pages, so, I found some water bottle stickers to track my water intake. (Secretly, I’m hoping Arleigh will design a cute water tracker stamp one day 😉 )

Here’s a closer view of my coming weekend.

I also make an insert for the WO1P insert pages. I use them for my meal planning. I didn’t really use them for meals before I did Whole30 in August but now, I couldn’t live without them. And this cover. I LOVE the printables each month and always get 2 pages printed, just in case I need an extra. The past couple months, I’ve used them for my menus and lists insert cover. So cute! 🙂

I trim down and adhere the tab page to the first page. This way, I have the monthly tab sticking out and I can get 2 or 3 months in this one insert. The tabs are so cute and I can get to the proper month easily with them included.

I adhere and washi tape the WO1P to the left side and I have the right side for grocery lists for the week. With all the fresh foods we eat, I find I make a couple different trips each week to collect groceries at specific stores and it’s nice to have a whole page for the weekly lists.

Here’s a closer look at the Daisy Day Planner page.

So, there you have it! A little look into how I make the Daisy Day Planner inserts work for me. Some day I hope we have the Daisy Dori inserts in personal size, but until then, this works for me.

Let me know if you have any questions and happy planning! 🙂



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