May minidori setup

Hello daisies!

May is finally upon us and I want to bring you on a little tour in my minidori, at the bottom of the post you will also find the process video. If you keep an eye out on my YouTube channel there will also be a setup video for my work planner a little later this month. If you’ve checked my Instagram out you might have seen a couple of glimpses of my April work planner, I’ll let you in on a secret: I love it!


I kept the cover of my dori pretty plain this month, I trimmed down one of the papers from the pocket memory keeping kit and just wrapped around the spine, added a sticky note from the planner add on and made Simon say “It’s gonna be May” and then drew a penciled line around it all. I felt like a doodled line in pencil worked especially well with the “My story” theme of May. Also a tiny trick, the pink bow kept moving everytime I opened my planner so I put a foam thingy underneath it so it’s stuck to the leather.


For my goals section I used this stamp from the planner Classified kit, it felt so right for my life lately and I’m planning on making this month  into tomorrow. Keeping my goals on the first page like this keeps them in my focus, I am a firm believer in the power of deadlines and setting goals. To me a good goal feels doable but at the same time tickles your stomach. My more long term goals I keep in my yearly insert.


One of my core elements of the planner is my meal planning, it is so apparent when this section works (or not). I like to keep it simple and have a sticky note where I list what we’re having and based off of that I make a shopping list. Having them on sticky notes like this also means I can transfer the list to my weekly pages which is awesome!


As weekday headers this month I cut up a paper from the pocket memory keeping kit, it had all of the days of the week and I think the look adorable layered together with the round date stickers from the planner add on. Currently I keep my weeks on four pages and it is working brilliantly for me. Usually I work Monday to Thursday so those four get one spread and then the weekends get theirs, and even when I do work  Fridays they feel more special paired up with the weekend days.


To quickly find the current day I made a bookmark out of a tag and die cut from the 12×12 memory keeping kit. I just stapled them together with my tiny attacher and added a bit of twine from my stash, I love it when there are tiny things popping up at the top!


To get myself sorted in the social media world I use the monthly overview  from the personal pages, I just trim them down a bit on the outer sides and washi tape them together. The bottom gets folded in and this month I couldnt resist using the cute clear pocket to store it in. It had to be trimmed down a bit as it is meant to fit A5 it was a quick fix with the scissors though. I rather use the pretty stuff and cut into them then let them lay around waiting for a chance to use them. Now I get to look at it all month which I appreciate.


My cleaning and house chore list get its own spread this month, this gives a clear view of what needs to get done and what has been done. To make the spread I used header stickers and washi strips from the sticker add on which is new this month. I have to force myself to use those washi strips up because they are so cute I want to hoard them forever! They are so perfect to use for layering! Big bonus is that they come in both regular and thin strips.


As I am going on my second crop ever I felt the need for a travel planner. All of the essential information gets written down,  I have a list of people I want to meet up with during my stay. Most importantly though a list of projects and supplies I need to bring. Last time I brought way too much stuff so I am trying to keep it down. Trying. Any tips and tricks on how to pack for a crop is greatly appreciated!!


My Niffler got accompanied by the supercute charm included in this months planner kit. I think he looks quite pleased, I need to keep an eye out though as the charm is a bit shiny…





Take care and have a May filled with planner fun!
Love, Anna


  1. Simone Schermann

    Oh, I love your setups in the Mini Daisy Dori! Where do the Nifflers come from? Findus?

    • Anna Feucht

      Thank you! The Niffler is from a Sci-Fi bookstore in Gothenburg, I bought it when visiting a friend so it kinda reminds me of her. Can’t remember what they’re called. And Findus is cut out from a calendar my kids trashed. A couple of years back I used to have quite a few Petterson and Findus spreads xD


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