2019 Bullet Journal Set up

It’s a new year and for some of us a new planner too! I love the idea of a fresh start. Not only in life, but in your planner/journal. Sometimes we need a reset and the best place to start can be with our planning system. If we get that all set the other aspects of life seem to fall into place.

This year I am planning in a B6 Stalogy notebook as a bullet journal. I’ve been using it the past two months and I feel like I have a good rhythm going so far. There is something special about a plain notebook, a blank page you can make into anything you want. It helps me get out my creative side and plan my life all in one place.

For my title page I wanted to use that gorgeous design stamp from the Memory Keeping pocket kit. I decided to stamp out a pattern and I love the way it turned out! It’s not perfect, but it was fun to do and makes my planner unique to me. On the right page I used the “Welcome to 2019” sticker as my focal point. I thought about starting a new journal for 2019, but decided to stay in the same book and just make a nice title page.

For the first two pages after my title I decided to make some classic new year lists. I’m not big on New Years resolutions, but this year I plan to look at them more like goals that I want to work towards. Nothing too stressful, just some things to improve myself. I used the gorgeous rub ons that came in the pocket kit for the title and then some fun graphic number stickers from the classified kit. On the right page I made a simple “Currently” list to document the things I’m loving at the beginning of the year. It will be fun to look back on at the end of the year.

Here is a quick tip video for using rub ons!


For my next pages I went ahead and started my January setup! I don’t usually do future log pages in my bullet journal. I use a Hobonichi weeks planner on the go that has the whole year in it so I don’t think it’s necessary for me so I just moved on to January. The personal ring pages fit a B6 nicely, so I just glue them in and add some washi tape to hide the punched holes.

I’ve really been into reading lately and if you follow me on IG you noticed I changed my user name from Madewithlovecrafter to LovelyReaderGirl. I started documenting the pages/books I’ve read and I love doing it! It’s fun to see those pages add up. I used some of the stickers and washi to decorate, simple and clean.

This alphabet font from the pocket kit may be my absolute favorite!! It’s big and sketchy and makes titles in my bullet journal so easy! I’m all about using stickers that look like handwriting in my journal. It adds a bit of character to your page without the trouble.

I made this cute page marker from the tags included in the planner kit and memory keeping kits. I topped it with this gorgeous paper clip, added some stickers and then glued the same tag on the back so it looks more finished.

In the front of my planner I added some of the dashboards and pocket cards. It’s a simple and easy way to change out my theme each month.

On the inside flap I always carry some of the note paper tucked behind a picture and add some sticky notes for quick notes. I also change out the washi tape! It peels off with no damage and lets me change out the design whenever I want.

These little dangly clips are some of my favorites! They are perfect! I hope you guys enjoyed a look into my 2019 set up. I’m really hoping to stick with this as long as I can and Cocoa Daisy makes it so easy to decorate I think I can! I hope everyone has a happy New Year and you have fun setting up your 2019 planner!

Happy Planning

xoxo Tricia



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