February Set-Up

Does it seem like the months are going by quicker and quicker, or is it just me?  Wendy here today sharing my set-up process for February, which is my favorite!  This month I am setting up my B6 Dori and my personal rings, I also plan on using my A6 rings for EDC, but I haven’t quite gotten the bugs out of that system yet.

So here is my personal ring planner that sits on my desk, I still have January in there so I just added my February pages to it.

I begin by using my favorite CD stamp set to number my pages.  This will be as far as this set-up goes until I get to that week and then I will put in my to-do lists and add in stickers to decorate.

Next is my B6 and one of the dashboards that I used on the front since this is my Wellness journal.  I added in a few stickers and the quote from the MK sticker kit.

Here is the front of my B6 dori all decorated with a dashboard, a few stickers, and I popped up the faucet once I fussy cut it from the top of this page.

More of those beautiful quotes from the MK sticker kit and a few cute birds.

Here is a look at how I set up my weeks, I use the blank grid area for journaling each night when I get into bed.  The colorful striped page tip-in that is attached with washi is where I record what we had for dinner that week.

In the middle of my dori, I spread the staples open and insert my monthly tracker.  I don’t track a ton of items so I added in a few stickers to bring February to my tracker page also.

And finally, here is my gratitude page that each day I record something I am grateful for.  Of course I’ve added in a few more stickers, they are definitely my favorite part of the kits!

If you have any questions please leave them in the comment and I will try to answer them.  How is your set-up going?  I really love the direction this year is going in my planner, but it does take some adjusting to get the little details all figured out.

Thanks for joining me, see you soon!

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