Scrap Space Tour…Come Take A Look!

Well hello! Happy Monday, Katherine Maynard here, Kiggies5 on Instagram. Today I am going to show you my scrapbook room. I love looking at other peoples spaces to see where they create. I am lucky enough to have a room in my basement with some windows that let in a lot of natural light…and I can keep an eye on my kids if they are outside too! 😉

I love that it is big enough for a friend to come over and scrapbook too! To the right of my chair, I have my photo printer and Silhouette machine. Taped to the wall I have some sweet notes that my kids write me and leave them on my computer. Behind my chair is a metal memo board that I store inspiration and pictures. Below that is my washi tape, it is stored on an old curtain rod from my daughters bedroom.

I have tried many different ways to store all of my paper and goodies. I have found that the ROY G BIV method is best. Here you can see that I have many different clear 12×12 bins to store ribbons, sequins and lots of embellishments. I love to buy clear tackle boxes for smaller items like sequins, beads and paper clips. Above the clear bins are clear 12×12 old page protectors that hold memorabilia that I need to add to scrapbook pages. My bookshelf needs a little more help…a little more organization I know…I will get there one day. I do love that everything is out in the open though, because for me out of sight is out of mind!

To the left of my bookshelf I have a pallet that I painted and added larger bolts of ribbon, paints and glitter. Below you will see my sewing machine that I use on a lot of projects.

Across from my desk I have a bright wall with some fun pictures and sayings. The old dresser, which was my husbands as a child, I painted it white and it stores a lot of my pocket letter items, my silhouette blades, sketch pens and cutting mats.  The gold typewriter I spray painted and use it for journaling.

And just to keep it real, this is what it usually looks like in the middle of a creative MESS! Lol!

Thank you for taking a look into my space. I would love to see your space, use the hashtag #cocoadaisyscrapspace!


Have a beautiful day!










  1. Shannon

    Thanks for sharing Katherine! The pops of color on the walls and the boxes stacked in the corner make this such a fun place to be. Bonus: natural light streaming in!! Love looking at crafting spaces; always pick up new ideas for storage and organization.


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