Product Focus – Watercolor Paper with Alissa

Good Morning, All! Alissa here and I’ve got another product focus today using the watercolor paper included in the February kit, “Color Swatch” that was revealed last night.

In every February main kit you will be receiving a piece of watercolor paper. Some of you will be immediately excited about it, and some of you will think, “What shall I do with this?” We want you to always make the most out of your Cocoa Daisy Kits, so a few of us are sharing with you over the next few days, how we used our piece of watercolor paper.

I’m new to using watercolors with scrapbooking, but I have always loved the look of it and decided to jump right in, feet first.  I didn’t even practice on another piece of paper before taking the water and brush to the paper. 🙂

I decided to use my  watercolor paper as a photo mat under a black and white photo with this awesome colorful piece of patterned paper in the Palette paper add on. It was really easy to do.

First, I gathered my supplies. The watercolor paper, the beautiful palette of watercolors Christine is offering in the boutique, a round brush paint brush, a little jar of water and a paper towel to keep my work surface clean.

I chose a few colors that went well with the BasicGrey paper and black. Get the brush really wet and pick up some of the paint on your brush. This is the really fun part. I painted a green frame around the edges of the paper first.

Knowing  a lot of the paper would be covered by the photo, I took the opportunity to play with the watercolor a little in the center. If i messed it up, it would be covered. I added some coral and pink paint, as well. Be careful with blending some colors together. It can turn out muddy if the colors are mixed without allowing layers to dry first or you start with lighter colors and move to darker ones. The general rule is to start with the darker colors and let the layers dry in between. I used my heat tool with dry the paper quickly. It will warp a little, but I love the warping. It makes for very interesting textures in the paper layers.

Lastly, I wanted some black, since I knew I would be using the black script words in my title. I made sure the other colors were good and dry before adding the black. I love the subtle grey it ended up being.

Looks good!

And, another look at the finished photo mat a little closer up.

I was thinking it would be fun to also punch out shapes with the finished watercolor paper, or cute a fun title with my Silhouette.

There you have it. My super easy idea for using the watercolor paper that turned out so pretty and added an artsy touch to my graphic page.

I can’t wait to see what you all do with your watercolor paper when your kits start showing up at your homes in a week or 2.

Have an awesome day!


  1. Washi Kawaii

    I’ve totally never thought of using watercolours for my scrapbooking! I’m totally going to give it a try even though I have no experience with them…

    Hopefully my projects turn out as nice as yours look. Wish me luck!

  2. LauraC - Michigan

    I am so glad that I bought the watercolors! Great demo!


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