December Memory Planner

Good morning everyone, Sarah here this today to share my December Memory planning with you.So far this month I have almost four weeks of my planner done and have done a bit of prep for the last few days of my forth week.

I laid out my 1st week starting with my pretty paper on the right side of my planner and boxing those off into there individual sections of the day. Then I moved onto my washi tape that separated the different sections of the day. To be honest I don’t always use these different sections for the different times of day or anything, I use them how they suite me.

I added in my pictures where I knew I wanted them to go and then started in with my decorating and adding my appointments, activities and such for the week.

Each week is different for me. Sometimes I have more writing, whether its to keep up with appointment or to wright down things that have happened so that I don’t forget. Like my second week of ¬†December.

And then there are some weeks where I add more pictures, like here in my third week of the month and still have my appointment and journaling about things that have happened.

I’m still working on this week. With it being Christmas and so much going on, I haven’t added a ton yet. I went in and preped my pages and added in what I already had printed out picture wise, added all of my appointments and as the week has gone on I have went in and added bits and pieces of journaling about things that have happened and embellished more.

I love to add pictures to my planner spreads, I’ve said this before, but I don’t always take a picture each day, so I might go without one here or there. This week has been so busy that I haven’t added but two photos and that’s because I had them pre printed. This is also something I don’t normally do. But I had pictures of all my favorite Christmas shows printed because I had added them to my list on Netflix and made sure the others were recorded on my TV, so I put those down the days I watched them.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my memory planning for this month and I hope to share more as I go on! Make sure to check out what all the other Cocoa Daisy girls are doing too!!

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  1. Jennifer

    These are beautiful pages! And so inspirational to me since I use the MAMBI planner as well. Thanks for sharing!


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