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Cocoa Daisy October planner printable pages.

Have you been wishing for a contacts page to go with your beautiful new October Cocoa Daisy planner pages? Maybe you’d like some blank sheets, or a meal planning/shopping list page, a page to track your passwords, or a page to list your goals. We have you covered! All those pages are available in the store now, for just $2.99. arleigh has made it easy, with crop marks to show you where to cut. See the end of this post for tips on how to print them perfectly on an 8.5×11 sheet. The printable pages are available for A5 and personal-sized planners.

But that’s not all! We also have FREE printables for you, including the much- requested month-at-a-glance page, a calendar for the first half of 2015, and a sheet of printable 3×5 cards to gussy up your pages. And did I mention they were free? Go check them out now, with our gratitude for you, our customers.

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And, if you’re thinking you’ve missed out for October, we have more good news. There are still planner pages left in both sizes, so snag them now! We have a few accessory pouches as well, to complete your pretty planner picture.

A5 planner pages

Printing Tips 

  1. Always uncheck the “fit to page” button in your printer software, if there is one, to ensure the best print size for your planner.
  2. You’ll get best results if you purchase paper specifically designed for your printer brand. Most brands have paper that’s similar to planner page weight, but designed not to smear or run if the inkjet printing gets wet.
  3. You can print double-sided pages if you get paper made for that. You can get double-sided presentation paper for Epson (matte)and HP (glossy). Be sure to run a test print with draft settings on regular paper so you can be sure of how to feed the paper and whether the pages line up properly.
  4. When trimming your paper according to the printed crop marks, use a paper trimmer to ensure straight cuts. Cut the right side, then bottom, then left, then top to make sure you have marks to cut to.

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