Day Planner page divider tutorial.

If you ordered the November Day Planner Kit then you received a star transparency strip that can be used as a page divider in your planner. We purposefully did not pre hole punch these so that you can adjust how far up you want your divider to peek above the top of your pages. It’s very simple and even if you did not get the Planner Kit you can create one with any transparency you have on hand. It’s also fun to dress them up with stickers or rub ons.

step 1

Line up your divider with the holes on a page and mark them with a sharpie.

Step 2

Use a large hole punch and punch out the holes.

Step 3

Snip out a small “V” section from the edge of the divider to the hole (this will allow you to snap in your page divider without having to open and close your binder rings).

Step 4

That’s it, your divider is ready to use!

Step 5Make sure to share pictures of your planner with us in our Planner Gallery.


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