Mix and match, a little June dori memory keeping

Summer is finally upon us and there are so many things going on and there are so many memories that wants to be kept. This year I have been using my standard daisydori for that purpose and I love mixing elements from the planner kits with the scrapbook and day in the life kits. As I have gifted myself a little photo printer this month I have actually been able to do some memory keeping already. And I thought I would share a couple of tips and tricks here on the blog!

For the first page I wanted a little bit of  space to journal on, to create that I took one of the daily pages and cut out the notes section on the back. To cover up the remaining date boxes I just took a bit of washi and backed the paper up. That way I got a cute border as well. This page too literally no time, I think printing and journaling was what took the most time. That’s what one of the many things I appreciate with the daisydori, the base is done and I get to play as much or as little as I want on each page and it always ends up looking adoreble!

The top part of the daily page I fussy cut out and added onto another page I created this month. For the observant reader I have stopped  using the dori cover to cover as I have been doing before. Lately there has been a lot of changes to my memory keeping and now I have just decided to do what I feel is the most fun. I cut all the edges possible and I am just going with the flow.

One this I can’t get enough of is alphas. The scapbook and day in the life kits always comes packed with different alpha sets and I love mixing them to create titles. How cute is this black and gold together?

It’s so easy to forget all those daily things we do and love. For me bedtime and weekend mornings are some of the best things I know. They are part of my daily and weekly routine so I rarely stop and think about them. If there is one thing I hope you take with you from this blogpost it is to remember all those small things. One day they will be gone and they will be dearly missed!

And stamps! Did you know you could subscribe to the stamps only? These are from last month and they are just awesome! Here I have used my black Versafine ink and inked it up ones before stamping it on the page several times. To break it up a bit I also inked it up with a blue Versa Magic. I matted the photo with one of the papers from the planner kit. To soften the black and white border I also added a bit of Distress stain in Worn Lipstick, a side effect was that the stamping I hade done on the back got transferred onto this page as well. I kinda liked it so didn’t even try to cover it up.

Tip ins, tip ins tip ins! They are so much fun to make! And also  super easy! I use the cards from the day in the life kits to create mine, a bit of washi and boom I am done! Tip ins create a bit of interest and sometimes I have photos that doesn’t really fit the rest of the page. Or I have a single moment I want to document. I have added a couple of stickers from the planner kits, the one on the photo actually just covers a bit of dead space on the photo. I was one of those moments I wanted to catch really quickly which ended up with a cute child and a somewhat weird photo composition. So thankful there are stickers to cover up my lacking photo skills!

How do you use your Cocoa Daisy planner kits to memory keep?



  1. Laura Daniels

    Hi Anna! Great blog post sweetie! …. and you’re so right about remembering the “little” things.. cause looking back, they will become the “big” things!
    Also love the idea of the “tip ins” for special moments!
    thanks for Sharing!

  2. Simone Schermann

    What a great wealth of inspiration. I still struggle with skipping around in my Daisy Dori. But I am slowly getting there. Wait and see, one day, I’ll start in the back. 😉


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