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Hello Daisy Loves!

Florence here, back with an update on how I am using my March Daisy Day A5 Planner Kit. Welcome those who are new to the planner world 🙂 As some of you may have caught on, there are individuals that have multiple organizers, I am guilty of that. Why not just one? Good question. Many people like to keep their work, school, home/ family life, health and wellness, business(s), etc separate. Sometimes seeing all of that jumbled up can get overwhelming in a normal weekly planner spread and can look chaotic.


Hot mess with a twist of scrappy. That is definitely my style and although it is nice to decorate and use up my stash, it’s not realistic for others to do this every week. You may not have the time, resources, creativity bug, or you just enjoy simplicity. I love how the Daisy Day Planner Inserts are already pre-designed and you barely have to embellish them.

My everyday planning, is just a simple Le Pen or Sharpie fine black pen. Nothing fancy just planning my full day every morning, or I’ll start on it the night prior. These daily inserts are a part of my life. They seriously are a life saver. From to do lists, to reminding me to hydrate, setting a schedule, and throwing a litle 15 minute check off list- it seriously simplifies your life in a better way than you can imagine. There’s also a week on one page, and a week on two pages for those who may not have lengthy lists of to dos. We all plan differently, and what works best for you is definitely the way to go.


A new section that I would like to share with you is scrapping/ project lifing within my planner. WHAT?! You can do that? If you have a larger planner like I do, you’ll have a good amount of space to do a layout. This month I ordered the Day in the Life Kit. I wanted to take some of the cards and recap one of my favorite days in February. I took my Sadie baby with me to San Francisco for 24 hours and we were just having so much fun in the city. Little touristas. I took a couple of the cards, did some journaling, and scrapped them together and used my week on one page to uniquely document this day in my Kikki-K planner. It really is nice to reminisce on a positive day.



If you have a few minutes during your break or just some down time, it’s nice to pull a few cards out, journal about that day you’re documenting, slip them in the inserts, and BOOM! You’re done 🙂 I definitely believe documenting your life in your planner can be beneficial to your paper crafting projects. Who doesn’t like completing projects? I know finishing even just one page is satisfying and exciting. You can also keep these in your planner to look back on your memories throughout the year.


I know March just started- but I am totally crushing on APRIL already. You do not want to miss out on next months cuteness overload. If you would like to keep up with my planning and creatvitiy daily, feel free to check out my Instagram: livelifeandcreate and follow our new cocoa daisy account as well cocoa_daisy. Every new 500 followers there will be a giveaway! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thank you for stopping by!


Florence Antonette




  1. jbonomo

    Love what you have done with the Planner kit and making me reconsider subscribing with your inspiration. Simply gorgeous!

    • florenceantonette

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment <3 I hope you do subscribe again!!

  2. Belleruthie

    love your ideas

  3. Carolyn R Jones

    Sweet post. Love it, as I do all your posts. 😀

    • florenceantonette

      Aw thank you Carolyn *big hugs.

    • florenceantonette

      Aww thank you! I am glad you’re inspired.


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