Tips & Tricks – Do you use the Free Printables?

How many of you take the time to print out the free printables each month?

I just love these printables. The designs are always wonderful and they always compliment the kit so well. Today I am working with the August kit and printable and will share a few tips along the way. I’ve printed it off on to regular A4 white card.

Punches are always fun to use on the printables. The best way to get that perfect circle and much less fiddly than trying to cut.

I also like to go around parts with a black pen like I have here. I really helps things stand out.

Don’t be put off if something isn’t quite right. There are often ways around to adapt a piece to make it fit. Here for example, Hollie was leaving school, but I have still managed to use this flag on this layout that I’ve created for her end of school award night.

I’ve then cut the flag down.

perruques cheveux naturels

And stuck it under my photo like this. It now looks like it was meant to be.

I’ve cut several pieces out here to create this cluster. The ‘Loved this moment’ piece has been scribbled around. I outlined the heart and the blue circle above. I also find by over lapping and using a combination of flat sticky tape and 3d foam tape also has a great effect.

I’m really happy with this page and it’s completely inspired by the free printable this month.

Remember to print your’s off and have lots of fun too!!


  1. Julie Bonomo

    Love this layout! Thank you for the tips, Lisa.

  2. Carolynhasacat

    Yes! I use the planner ones all the time. Thanks for the inspiration, Lisa!

  3. Lynda Crust

    Just printed out August Printables and visited blog to see how people used them in layouts…Thank you for sharing…great ideas.


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