Stretch Your Daisy Day Planner Pages

Hello everyone! I received my May kit around first week of May so I didn’t use it for any daily / weekly planning for May. Instead, I want to show you how I stretch the Daisy Day Planner pages to use them for planning for work. I normally use A5 sized planner for my work but I have recent gotten this LV agenda MM sized (equivalent to Filofax personal sized) as Mother’s Day present. So I want to use this to plan my work and jot down ideas for my monthly kit club.

P.S. I have been stamping a lot Simon the bunny and colour its shirt in various colour. I use it to decorate my May planner pages everywhere.

Stretch Your Kit-1

Stretch Your Kit-2


See… You could see Simon peeking out from one of the pockets and also I love that Christine include Simon in this month planner charm. I am such a huge fans for planner charms. Can never have enough of these cuties.



Stretch Your Kit-3


I absolutely adore the notepad (with cute pencils illustration) in the May kit.

Stretch Your Kit-4


I punched holes in some of my planner stickers and slot them into my planner. I use a paper clip to clip the sticker sheets together.

Stretch Your Kit-5





I love the Cover page for the May kit, and this is definitely my favourite cover page for all the Daisy Day Planner kits.

Stretch Your Kit-6

I hole punched the 4xx6 PL cards and decorate the card  a little with this month stamp set and round tags.

Stretch Your Kit-7

My fave would be the back of this PL card. Right side is the front page of the Week-on-2-pages inserts. I love how this month inserts have notes section for the weekly. I use the note section to jot down ideas and inspirations for my June planner kit.

Stretch Your Kit-8


I trim down the corner of the kraft paper bag that keep the planner kit. I love the word Enjoy Everyday,  add washi tape to one of of the side, then stuck it to the back of the PL card. It is just perfect for holding a few sheets of the 3×5 notepad papers in the kit.

Stretch Your Kit-9


For the week-on-2-pages inserts, I use some planner stickers to cover up the days (Monday to Sunday) and add title to each of the topic that I need to work on. I love that the weekly pages have 6 section, with light gray colour grid.

Stretch Your Kit-10


Back of the week-on-2 page pages: I use to record the colour combination that I want to use in my June planner kit. I colour the circle dot stickers with copic markers and stuck them down. I can easily refer to the colour combination when I work on the kit. And the right page is just white paper sheet that I use to doodle / illustrate the design for my future kits.

Stretch Your Kit-11


And here comes the Daily pages – I don’t use the Daily to do for my daily planning. Instead, I cover up the title of each section with some banner / flag planner stickers. I use this to make a checklist for my task. I also use the dew drop stickers to highlight the important tasks / reminders.

Stretch Your Kit-12

Stretch Your Kit-13

Stretch Your Kit-14


I love this PL card that is included in the kit and added Simon the bunny here just to brighten up my days.

Stretch Your Kit-16I used to used these cute week-on-one-page inserts either for my baby journal or #listersgottalist challenge. But this month since I am using it for planning my future kits, I use it to write down quotes / saying that I found related to a particular theme (in this case, which is summer and sunshine theme).

I absolutely adore the Daisy day planner inserts and I want to make it work for my planning. So covering up some of the days / titles with planner stickers, and use it for work planning is just a perfect way to stretch my Daisy Day Planner!

Thanks for looking and have an awesome day 😉





  1. Kelly kufke

    I absolutely love how you incorporated your ideas in with her planner!! It was nice to see the versatility you have amongst yourself as a designer!! I give you two thumbs up and I actually just ordered one of your own subscription plans for the very first time, in fact I only learned about you just recently but I fell in love with all your stuff on your website!! Awesome creativity!!!

  2. Desert Rose

    Sam you are always an inspiration. I love your ideas and will incorporate some of them in my planning. Thank you



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