How to Utilize Planner Printables

There has been some questions asking about the usage of the exclusive Subscriber printables in your planner. Well, I’m here to help! This is my first time on the blog and I hope that you will all enjoy my post today.

Here are the tools that I used for my June layout:

  • June Cocoa Daisy Inserts
  • June Subscriber Printable* (on a full label sheet)
  • Date Roller Stamp
  • Washi Tape
  • Sticky Notes (from June’s Daisy Day Planner Add-On Kit)

*Editor’s note: The printable shown here is one that’s exclusive to our kit subscribers; you can find it by using the Subscriber link in your Reveal email and clicking “Subscriber Downloads” at the top of the page. Even if you don’t subscribe you can find lots of freebies via the link at the top of our site.



The first thing I did was print the printable onto a full label sheet, I purchase mine from Amazon but you can also find some at stores like Walmart. Just be sure to look for “full adhesive label sheet” on the packaging. I happen to have a cutting machine to cut out the images for me so I can peel the images like stickers. If you only have card stock laying around, feel free to print onto the card stock and cut out the images yourself then use a glue stick or tape runner to adhere the images onto your inserts.

From there, I just did the decorating! Here are photos of how I decorated the first week of June for my planner:





My inserts still look a little blank but that’s because I use my Cocoa Daisy inserts and kit for my academic planning. I usually write down assignments, exams, and to- dos in my inserts. The subscriber exclusive printable is really a great tool to decorate your planner with. I hope you enjoyed reading my post and seeing how I use the printable for planning. Have fun printing these bad boys out for your planners!


  1. Alison Brock

    What Cutting machine do you use? I’ve been looking into getting one, but cannot decide on the model that would best suit my need – mostly for projects such as this? Thanks!

    • Emily Pitts

      Get a Silhouette. 🙂 It is really versatile and I use mine all the time.

    • PaperedLove

      I also own a Silhouette cutting machine! I absolutely adore it for sticker projects (:


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