Dissecting Design | A quick guide to using ephemera and doodling to make your projects stand out



I never met a new trend I didn’t like.  Or at least want to try out.  Doodling was definitely right up there with new trends I want to try.

I used to fancy myself something of an artist once upon a time but a serious lack of classes and practice has left me far from proficient.

And, that’s the great thing about doodling.  You really don’t need to be all that expert.  Just grab a pencil or pen and start scribbling.  Start with some simple shapes and patterns, see what flows naturally and go from there.

Since I am still a doodling novice, I paired doodles with a bunch of the awesome Crate summer-themed ephemera in the July Bistro Kit.

We had a lot of fun little adventures in Harry Potter World this summer.  Somehow a lot of them seemed to center around food, so I tried to combine those moments together into one layout.

I made a funny little gif showing my placement of all the fun little bits as they scatter across the page.  You can see how I like to move things around until I feel I have found a good balance.


Click on the image to see the gif play.



After the ephemera I added my doodles and journaling.  A little scalloped border is a fun and easy detail to add.



I love the Shimelle wooden buttons that came with this kit.  As you can see, I played around with a few different ideas for them, like filling up the heart or scattered around the page, but in the end they found a purpose anchoring my title to the bottom of the page.


IMG_1271The “King Treats” piece seemed to be made for this layout.


Circle photos are always a fun addition.  Here I fit one on top of the camera lens. Kind meta right?




The final page.  I hope you enjoyed seeing what went into it!


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