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Hi Daisy Planners!

It’s Annie again and today I’m sharing how I planned for the month of April using the planning kits. I find that when it comes to monthly planning, I enjoy writing on a slant versus writing straight. It adds to the overall look to my spread but feel free to plan with a style that works best for you! I chose to use my Kikki-K ice blue large planner because it goes perfectly with this month’s kit.

Everything that I used came straight from the kits, here is a picture of the supplies that I used:
I also attached the adorable daisy charm to the front of my planner because I like seeing it every time I open up my planner. One of the great things about this planner, are the amount of pockets. I can easily store my notepad from the kit and all of my sticker sheets. Here is how my planner is set up for the month:

Now let’s get to the planning! Whenever I embellish my spread, I normally focus on specific points such as corners. From there, I like to layer things. It’s really just a lot of moving things around until I like the way it looks then glueing or sticking it down. It’s a process, I never have a specific plan as to how I want to embellish, I just go with the flow! Here’s how my monthly spread turned out:
As you can see, I like to focus on the corners. After that, I look for empty spaces such as the blank days that aren’t a part of the month. Washi tape is great to cover up those days. This month included a beautiful mint colored washi tape that I used for the blank days.

So that’s everything! I do have a process video of this month’s planning on my youtube channel if you’d like to further see my thought process when it comes to planning and embellishing. I hope you all enjoy my post today and thanks for stopping by!


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