Planner | July Monthly with Annie

Good morning Cocoa Daisies!

In the past, I found that I didn’t really use monthly planning in any of my planners. I didn’t quite see that I could really get a use out of it because my weekly planning is so specific already.

But once I discovered cocoa daisy and the beautiful kits, I realized that monthly planning could help me. My monthly planning isn’t as in depth as my weekly planning but it’s a great way for me to quickly glance at my planner to see if there are any special events coming up.

Before I get into my monthly planning, here is my set up for the month. I paired up my July planner kits with a beautiful tangerine colored Kikki-k planner.


I’ve gotta say, I think the washi ring is my favorite accessory from the planner kits this month. It just looks so cute! And it’s great to have my washi tapes that correspond with the kit readily available in one place.

Now here is my monthly planning. As always, I try to layer die cuts or stickers wherever there are blank spaces in my planner inserts.


For some reason, I find that writing on a slant in my monthly inserts is more appealing to the eyes but feel free to write however works for you best.

And that’s my monthly planning for July! Thanks for joining me today and happy planning!

xoxo Annie





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