It’s a Cocoa Daisy December!

Hello, Cocoa Daisy Fans!

My December kit just arrived and I am SUPER excited about this month. To be honest with you, I’m excited each and every month and am never disappointed, but this month is extra special. I may have went a bit overboard by ordering alllllllll the Christmas extras, but I just couldn’t resist!

I’ve incorporated my favorites into my personal ring bound planner, and I’m loving each detail! My front pocket is housing some of the cards from the Pocket Memory Keeping Collection, some diecuts from the kit that I laminated and glued to a paperclip, and our beloved SIMON from the extra Christmas kit!

I also made a handy sticker storage card this month! It’s also in my front pocket area, shown above. I took an A5 size dashboard, trimmed it down and added a clear adhesive pocket to the back. Now, all my stickers are in one handy spot!

One of the other items I crafted up for the month was this TODAY marker from one of the Pocket Memory Keeping cards and some glitter cardstock. It’s probably my favorite page marker to date!

While I absolutely adore all the decorations and pretty elements Cocoa Daisy provides each month, the most important thing for me is that my planner is functional. That’s different for everyone, but I always have to have a couple of sections or I can’t seem to function. One of those is a “Lists” section; where I can just open my planner and jot notes and lists without worrying about stickers and stamps. I’m using the little notepad papers for my lists this month; I just tore a few off and punched them for my rings. The other section that keeps me organized and productive is the “Daily” section in my planner. I use the daily inserts, sometimes stamps and stickers to date them when I have the time, but mostly just a pen! Pretty + Functional = Win Win!

Thanks for following along with me as I set up my planner for December! I’m sure I’ll be crafting away the rest of the month! <3

~ Jennifer










  1. andiwalsh

    Where can I buy a personal planner? Just an ’empty’ one to put my planner goodies in? I did a search on Amazon and did not find anything that floated my boat. Thanks! – Andi

    • Jennifer Crowder

      I really like the Filofax originals for more compact planning (they have smaller rings) and the Foxy Fix planners when I need more room (they have 30 mm rings that are much bigger). Hope that helps!

  2. Simone Schermann

    Thanks for sharing your setup. I love your functional approach, you know that already. But I thought I would add it again!

    • Jennifer Crowder

      Thanks, Simone! You know I need to hear that sometimes 😀


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