December Planner Fun!

Ah December!  I am sitting in my Mom’s basement freezing because she loves to keep her house cool, even in the winter its 68 deg in here…lol…  It is probably a good thing that even though I am shaking like a leaf, you can’t tell that in my typing!!

So this month’s video I did a little differently!  I did a sped up version of how I decorated most of my planner.  Then at the end of the video, I did a walkthrough of where I am in my current November Dori and a walkthrough of what I did for December!!

I had a lot of fun this month and even had written down some ideas of what I wanted to do in my December planner earlier in November so that I wouldn’t forget like this stacking cups bookmark!!

I did a combination of stamping and stickers to predecorate my planner again this month.  It really worked for my November planner, and thought I would carry on in December with this!

I really hope you’ll enjoy the video!


Lindsay (


  1. wagnerjanette

    Thanks for the walk through. I love the sticky note book mark!

    • Lindsay Sasseville

      Thank you!

  2. scrapnmom

    I had a good laugh at what you said about your Mom’s house being so cold! My home is the same way because I went through menopause at the ripe age of 28 and have suffered with hot flashes since. Our home is kept at 62! And my husband loves it cold too!! I even have a fan that blows on me at night. And I don’t live in a warm place…we hit negatives! During the summer, the ac is set to 73. Love your planner!!!

    • Lindsay Sasseville

      Yeah, she has hot flashes too, which is why she likes it cold, but I still freeze! I bring a heating blanket with me to her house all year round not just in the winter! lol Thanks for the comment!

  3. Simone Schermann

    Ah, that answers my question! I can’t wait to see the video!


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