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A couple of months ago I started a new job. As a planner nerd that can only mean one thing: new planner! As I have really missed planning in a standard sized dori I decided to explore that path again.

Before starting my setup I make a cheat sheet so I know what holidays are coming and what my work schedule for the month looks like. After a bit of flipping back and fourth, counting days I set my pages up. I use daily pages this time around and have a timeline stamped at the top. The other main ingredients is a to do list. I use it in a similar way to how I used my Bullet Journal but instead of keeping it all in one tidy book I have several inserts. All of my instructions and ideas and such goes into an insert of their own.

In addition to the daily pages I have a tipin (tipout?) with a week on one page from the personal sized inserts. This gives me a good overview on what the week looks like, I also have a to  do list on the back of that page and migrate tasks from there onto my daily pages.

As a lover of all things fun I decorate the cover of my dori, this gives me something cute to look at while at work. Along with the monthly Cocoa Daisy insert I have a ziplock pocket from Midori where I keep a few goodies. Here I have a sticker sheet that I have cut apart along with a washi sample card. I actually subscribe to an extra set of stickers so I could do this without feeling bad.

So far I  am really liking this setup, I am sure there will be changes in the future, that always happens!


What kind of planner do you use to stay on track and what is your best productivity trick?

Love, Anna







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  1. Simone Schermann

    My productivity tip is a revelation that I just had two days ago: first – your goals need to be attainable goals and second – break down your goals into action items. This way it is much easier to actually achieve them or at least see a progress towards achievement. Thanks for sharing your setup!


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