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Hope you’re having a great time in the sun! Here in Sweden we’re experiencing a massive heat giving us plenty of reasons to hang out at the beach and enjoy our time in the shade. Couldn’t find a better match to plan the vacation this year than the July Cocoa Daisy planner kits!

One thing I have decided to do this vacation is to play around a  bit with my planner system, any one else do this during their time off?

The first thing I did was to play around with this daily insert from Annie Plans Printables, every night when the kids had fallen asleep I’d sit down, go through the next day and journal a bit about the present day. This form of planning works brilliantly now that we’re all home and there’s more household chores to plan for and there’s more time to sit down at night as well. I’ll bring you on a journey through the pages I created and I’ll end with a presentation of what I will be using in the fall.

What I really liked with this daily view was that I could add in things like a grocery  list without it taking up too much space. Just like the bullet journal I used to keep I have everything in one place, love that! I couldn’t find an icon for shopping so I just added a quick doodle, it’s the perfect way to practice drawing. I used a label to highlight an important task we had and  used a round journaling spot to mark out that we had to water outside. The crab and gold dot washi was added for a bit of decor and fun.


In the next spread I had so much fun! I like to play around a lot with layers, that way things stick out more on the page and it adds a bit of interest to the spreads. Don’t be afraid to cut things down or use them in a different way then they might’ve been intended to in the first place. Just because it says it’s an A5 page doesn’t mean you’ll have to use it as an A5 page. It could also be used as a cute checklist. And again: doodle! I promise you it’s fun! Also don’t be afraid to add in plans that you might have to cancel. There’s always fun ways to cover things up. Or you could just simply add stickers and write nope, atleast that’s what I did….


Don’t forget to write down the important stuff. In the heat having ice cream is just as important as doing dishes. I think. Something I like to think of is how much time or effort something will take me and let it take up as much space on my page. For example if we’re out at the beach a large chunk of the day that also needs to show in my planning, Or if I know I will be drained after a certain event, like traveling, I need that to be reflected in my planning. That way I can see that I won’t have time to do a ton of things and can plan my tasks  accordingly.


By Friday my kits finally arrived! After being held in customs for three weeks it was finally delivered! And guess what? I still kept on using my printables. It was a great experiment to use these daily pages, I learnt a lot from this week and going forward I have a plan on how to plan for more productivity.


For fall I plan on using this insert with week on four pages with a little flap. It’s perfect together with the Cocoa Daisy sticker kit, don’t you think? This will be used for tasks and chores. For extra busy days I will keep an insert with undated days.. But what about the minidori? Don’t worry! It will still be the center of my planning, it will be more event based which will be needed in the busy days of  fall.

What is your planner strategy this fall?


PS if you want to see the process of my daily pages here’s a video for you! <3

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