Planning in Pocket Rings with Cocoa Daisy

A new month and a new set-up, doesn’t that just make everything worthwhile?  LOL  Wendy here today sharing how I adapt the Cocoa Daisy personal pages to fit my pocket rings that I use as my EDC.

Since I use rings in strings B6/Personal for my desk area, I always had the daily personal pages leftover…  Well I don’t like to let anything go to waste, so I experimented a little bit and found that with a little trimming and a little washi tape, my leftover pages became the foundation for my pocket rings and even more planner peace in my life!  I have shared some photos of what process, but you can also watch the video I have included to see the full idea behind this.  Enjoy!

I begin by cutting my pages down to approximately 3.25″ or as you can see in the next picture right in front of the check off boxes as I really like them!

I then turn my pages over and cut right before the notes & ideas part, which is about 4.75 to 4 7/8, depending on what height works for you.

I then cover the top side of the to-do list with washi tape to cover the missing page.  I like to use one washi for the whole week to better help me find my weekly sections.

Finally I add in the day with my favorite Cocoa Daisy stamps and the date with the number stickers included in the kit.

Here’s a look at September’s page.  I usually have my timeline on the left side of the page for Monday-Friday when we are on a schedule.  I also decorate the pages with the box stickers as I have room and to mark those really important pieces of information.

Thanks so much for joining me today and I hope you’ve been inspired to find a way to use your leftovers!

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  1. Simone

    What a great way to create a whole new planner setup from leftovers!


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