January Favorites!

Hello Daisies! Happy 2019! How strange is it that we are not only already in a new year, but getting close to the end of the first month? If this month has been any indication, this year is going to fly by!

I’m here to show y’all five of my favorite things from the January kit. But y’all know me. I’ve done five favorite things before from past kits, and I’ve never been able to keep it to just five things, and today isn’t any different! What can I say, I’m a rule breaker! But in my defense, everything is so gorgeous, they make it almost impossible to narrow it down! And this month they made it harder than usual. This kit is AMAZING, and I love every piece of it!

So, here we go! In no particular order, here are my five(ish) favorite things from the January “Paper and Ink” kit!

I love this pouch so much. The pattern, the pom poms, the tassel – it is all so gorgeous! I keep extra inserts and papers in here to put in my planner all month long  (I use personal size, and they fit perfectly!)

This pen! Oh my goodness this pen! Christine said she had been working on a pen design for awhile, and I have to say, I absolutely LOVE what she came up with! The design is so gorgeous and the ink is amazing (and I’m picky about my ink!) I’m so thrilled that this design will also make appearances in future kits!

I couldn’t take a picture of the actual item (because I’d already used it haha) – but every single month, one of my favorite things is the sticker sub. It works in so many different planners and layouts – and it’s six large sheets! I can literally use it all month long. I’ve talked before about how I’m a functional planner with pops of decoration, and how I love that Cocoa Daisy makes my planner beautiful while still giving me the freedom to keep it functional (and at the same time, allow someone with a totally different planning style to plan and decorate how they want), and this sticker sub hits the perfect spot for that.

This washi. Oh, this floral washi just gives me all the happy planner feelings! I absolutely love this washi – the colors, the pattern. It is absolutely gorgeous!

These paper clips. I love everything about these clips. The color of the metal, the designs, everything. I clip the “today” clip on my weekly plans, and the “heart” clip goes in my family section

If you’re keeping count, this is item number six ?? But I absolutely love this paper. I have it in as many places in my planner that I can get it, and I love how the color changes in each different piece depending on where I cut it.

I could keep going, and honestly show every piece of this kit, but I’m going to make myself stop there! This kit has truly been a joy to plan with all month, and as usual I’m torn between being super excited for next month’s kit, and being sad to leave this one behind.  I know you all feel me on this!

What is your favorite part of this month’s kit? Share with me in the comments, and as always, come find me on Instagram and YouTube , and in the Cocoa Daisy Planner Fans Facebook Group!



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