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Welcome back Daisy family, Wendy here for the last time.  It has been a wonderful few years for me at Cocoa Daisy, but the time has come to let others inspire you.  Thank you all for all the loving comments/interaction over the years!

My final share is about a system I am really excited about!  Many of you know that I have used a Classic Happy Planner for years, but it was taking me longer and longer each month to get set-up, so…  I decided to revamp into a B6 dori, which I dissemble after the month to add into a mini Happy Planner, amazing huh?!  So let me show you my B6 and what all I cram inside.

Looking so smart with Simon helping me through my journey.

Just another pretty page to make me happy when I open my TN.

I tape the Happy Planner current page into the cover of my dori as I really do enjoy seeing this every month and how things have changed.

Buddha said, “Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have.”  I take the time each night to write a short thing I am grateful for, I love having this at the front of my Dori to keep the focus on being Thankful which breeds happiness.

So here is my set-up where I write each night, the colorful insert is what we actually had for dinner.

Here is a page from January that has been filled up and punched for the Happy Planner.  I did cut off a few things last month when I punched holes so you can see that I left more room on the fold side (2 blocks) and put my dates on the ends of the pages.

I open up the staples and add in my tracker in the middle.  Some washi and stickers makes the page fit right in to my February set-up.

This is an insert I use to track my activity, mood, water, and food; again a little bit of happy on my pages with the Cocoa Daisy stickers and washi.

Another insert I keep in my wellness TN is our monthly budget, both what is coming in as my hubby is self-employed and what goes out for bills.  I’ve added in a few stickers to go with the February theme.

At the end of the month I punch holes with my Happy Planner punch to fit in my mini HP, I use the tabs to mark each month.

You can see how the cover of my B6 fits right into the space and provides a lovely colorful splash for each month.

I am loving how my new system is working out.  I love that everything I need to keep my family and myself on a good journey are right in my B6 which I keep beside my bed.  I love that I can still keep my personal pages in a book just for me to look back at.

I hope this has given you some ideas how to chart your journey in life to wellness, or maybe just maintain the life you have already created for yourself.

Thank you for joining me one last time.  Signing off now, Hugs!


  1. Kari

    Love it. But, you are leaving? I just started following this blog not long ago. Did you sell it to someone else or is someone else just taking over?

    • Wendy Antenucci

      Hi Kari, Cocoa Daisy isn’t going anywhere. There is a new design team in place and I am no longer on the team. There will be plenty of inspiration from all of the new ladies and those that remain. You are in good hands!

  2. Mary Hall

    What a going away present! From you to us. Thank you! This is really inspiring and o so timely. I’m going to use some of these ideas for sure. Good luck and take care.

    • Wendy Antenucci

      Thank you so much Mary!

  3. Barbara Saldana

    Wendy I have certainly enjoyed all your posts. Thank you for all your inspiration. I always like to look at your posts. Good Luck to you.

    • Wendy Antenucci

      Thanks so much Barbara <3

  4. andiwalsh

    Another fan here! Love your inspiration and of course, will continue to follow you!

    • Wendy Antenucci

      Thanks so much Andi <3


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