5 Uses for the CD Pencil Board from the Fresh Cut TNMK kit

Did you get the pencil board, including in this month’s Traveler’s Notebook Memory Keeping kit? I have really enjoyed it and, while crafting with Christine at Chicago Planner Conference, discovered a number of uses for it.

  1. Pencil board to write on
  2. Ruler
  3. Straight edge
  4. Emergency stamp block
  5. Washi tearing edgeAnd I bonus that I forgot while I was making the video; Christine reminded me that I didn’t have my ScorePal scoring board in Chicago
  6. Fold cardstock-weight paper: Line it up where you want to fold and fold the paper up against it to crease.

Here’s a demonstration of the first five:

Thank you for being part of Cocoa Daisy!

Mary Kay
Customer Service
Cocoa Daisy LLC

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  1. Robin Adryan

    Love this Mary Kay! Sometimes it’s the simple things that make the biggest impact. Emergency stamp block and fold and crease for the win!!! Thank you for sharing.


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