2019 Planner and Kit Review

As the year comes to a close, many people in the planner community will be reflecting on their planning system from the year and making a plan for what setup and inserts they want to use in 2020, and I am no exception! I always love to look back at the Cocoa Daisy year and all the gorgeous kits! I’ve discovered that no matter what planner size I’m using , or even if it’s a traveler’s notebook or a ring bound system, Cocoa Daisy meets my planning needs. Here’s a look back at the 12 kits of the year and what system I was using.


January – Paper and Ink

In January, I had a setup going that was tried and true for me – personal size rings. I loved everything about the Paper and Ink kit and how well the kit went with a classic black planner!

February – Simon and Betty

Simon and Betty are the mascots for Cocoa Daisy, and simply adore them! I was excited to see an entire kit theme featuring them! This was also the  month that I started dabbling in a traveler’s notebook again. The standard size has always been a favorite of mine for journaling and notetaking, and I decided to set up personal rings (again) but added a traveler’s notebook setup to my lineup for planning.

March – Fresh Cut

By March, I realized I was really enjoying planning in traveler’s notebook system and I went with a standard size setup again and ditched my ring bound system all together!

April – Cherish Blossoms

In April, I felt the pull back to rings. I think it’s important to listen to your planner needs! I really enjoyed being back in rings!

May – Picket Fences

When May came around with the stunning Picket Fence collection, I thought I wanted to stay in a ring bound system , but was missing the size and room that a standard traveler’s notebook had given me during the previous months. So, I setup a personal wide ring bound planner using a B6 dori trimmed down just a smidge. This really worked well, but I found that extra inch in width was good for planning space but a touch bit too big for an every day carry ( I like to tote my planner around with me all day and it was just too heavy for my taste).

June – Lemon Grove

Since I realized in May that personal wide was too big, I went back to personal size rings for June. This was probably my favorite kit of the year with blue and yellow being a personal favorite combination of mine! I also set up a standard size journal this month and I was really torn about personal rings versus standard traveler’s notebook at this point. I sincerely loved them both!

July – South Beach

I setup personal rings AND a standard size traveler’s notebook again this month. I was home on vacation for the month, and I thought I’d have time to plan in BOTH planners and see which one I really preferred. By the end of the month, I knew that a standard traveler’s notebook was really working well for me.

August – Farmer’s Market

I fully committed to a traveler’s notebook this month! I stayed in a standard size and enjoyed every moment of the Farmer’s Market kit.

September – Book Club

I know a lot of people were swooning when they saw the release of the Book Club collection, and I was no exception! I stayed in a traveler’s notebook setup and was perfectly content.

October – Autumn Whimsy

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, followed by winter, and this kit captured the autumn feel perfectly!

November – Memphis Season

Memphis season was a bit out of the box, because it didn’t have a strong theme or sub-theme, just gorgeous colors and lots of leaves; and I LOVED it!

December – Nordic Woods

After months of being in a standard size traveler’s notebook, I decided that I loved the setup but was ready to try a new size. I set up a B6 dori with other inserts and I enjoyed using this size, too! Moral of 2019 – you can’t go wrong with Cocoa Daisy! They have many options; kits with different insert sizes for traveler’s notebooks and ring bound systems and no-insert options to meet every planner right where they are!


I cannot wait to see the next year of Cocoa Daisy kit collections and how everyone one of you uses them to meet  your own needs! And, in case you’re wondering how to change your subscriptions, you can do it right in your account! Here’s a video to show you how, and there are also written instructions in the FAQs.

How will you be using the January 2020 Noted collection?

Happy planning!

Jennifer Crowder