Dashboards Three Ways

Hello, Daisies! This is Callie and I am going to show you how to create simple dashboards three different ways.  I am using the Dashboard subscription and the Memory Keeping Pocket Cards to create most of my content. But, I also use papers and other elements from the Planner and Planner Add on kits.  I love how they all coordinate perfectly together so that I can mix and match to create all sorts of projects.  I am working with the Orchard Path collection to create my March 2020 dashboards. Be sure you visit the Cocoa Daisy shop to subscribe or pick-up any leftover items.

The first dashboard I am going to create is for my A5 binder.  This is the one that I think is the most simple because the dashboard kit makes it incredibly easy!

This photo shows the two A5 dashboards I chose to use to create my cover dashboard.  I always use the month dashboard so that it is the first thing I see when I open my planner.  These pages come blank on the back and I like to glue two of them together to create a sturdier page.  You could even use some pattern paper on the back if you like.  I punch my holes and it is done!  The artwork is so gorgeous every single month that I really don’t need to add anything else.  Look how beautiful it looks in my planner. The one thing I did add was a black number “3” that I printed myself.  I use these numbers in several places each month for just a little bit of extra decoration.  I like how it pops off the page so beautifully.

Up next is my Standard size travelers’ notebook dashboards.  I use a total of two dashboards in this planner.  It is my Everyday Carry or “EDC”. The first one I set up is a vinyl one from The Foxy Fix.

Since January I’ve been doing the same first dashboard using this calendar pocket card from the Memory Keeping: Pocket Kit.  There is one included every month.  One side is a Sunday start calendar and the other is a Monday start.  I pull out all of my papers from the various kits and the calendar card so that I can choose patterns.  I love to back the card with a bit of a contrasting color, and I chose to use a piece of the card stock packaging from my kits.  I cut it to just .25″ larger than the card and then adhered them together.  Next, I choose which paper I want to use as my backdrop AND the first page I will see when opening my planner!  This is important for me to choose a paper that really represents the kit I am working with and works well with my planner cover. You can see a tiny corner of my planner cover in these photos and I decided this floral was a perfect choice! I cut my paper down to the size I need to fit into my vinyl dashboard and glued everything together.  The beauty of these dashboards is that they are not permanent, I can change my mind later and swap things up and then I reuse the vinyl for an upcoming month when I am done. I like how the addition of the backer card under the calendar helps it to pop off the floral background.

Next, I am using a homemade dashboard that I created from a plastic sheet protector.  I followed a tutorial from one of my fellow design team members; Tanti Kuntoro. She has a great YouTube video on how to make them. You can watch it here.

These pocket page dashboards allow me to slide in whatever pocket cards I want and easily change them up throughout the month.  You could create them to hold just pocket cards on both sides, but I opted for one side to hold my personal size dashboards and the other side for pocket cards.  I used no glue or adhesive on this and can swap different cards in and out during the month.  I cut some paper to fit inside and placed personal dashboards on top.  Easy!  It wraps beautifully around one of my standard size inserts and is nice and flexible and doesn’t add much bulk.  I went ahead and made a couple of them; so that I can set up the upcoming month while still enjoying my current set up!

Thank you for stopping by today! I hope you enjoyed my dashboard tutorial and that you will implement some of the ideas into your next set-up.  Please leave any comments or questions for me and I will be happy to answer.  For more inspiration and to see this planner set-up in use please visit me on Instagram.


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