A Year of Cocoa Daisy!

Hello Daisies! I can’t believe I’m here writing my last blog of 2020! This has definitely been quite a year, hasn’t it? In the midst of all the craziness and uncertainty, I’ve been thankful to have Cocoa Daisy (and you all!) to provide some organization and beauty. So with that in mind, I want to look back at my year of Cocoa Daisy – what planners I’ve used (spoilers: A LOT haha), and how Cocoa Daisy has kept me organized and prepared for whatever 2020 threw my way!

In January, I started off in personal size – which has been my size for over two decades now. I started using a personal size planner in Junior high, and it’s been my favorite size ever since. It is so easy to find extra inserts, divider, and more in this size since it’s so common. And while you’ll see a colorful planner from me occasionally, I’m usually a huge fan of a neutral planner, that way my Cocoa Daisy pops on the inside! I used two different brown planners in January, as well as an olive color, which you’ll see below.

I literally set up my entire planner in personal, and then a week later I switched to personal slim (same size inserts, just smaller rings). I was on a mission to streamline my setup and what information I carried with me – not knowing that later on this year my doctor would tell me that had to lighten up my purse, which meant permanently changing my planner size! More on that to come . . .

Obviously the slim didn’t last long. I loved it but still struggled with not stuffing my planner so I was running out of room. I switched back to another regular personal by the end of January.


January Planner Tally: 3
Planner count to date: 3

February found me actually staying in one planner for an entire month!

February Planner Tally: 1
Planner count to date: 3

In March, I switched to pocket rings. I thought that carrying smaller rings would definitely streamline my setup. I liked using the foxy rings because it’s made a little wider so it can accommodate pocket wide inserts – which is a newer size and super cool to use!

Oh! I almost forgot! I was also using a KitLife Planner as my home planner, and of course used Cocoa Daisy to decorate it as well:

March Planner tally: 2
Planner count to date: 5

In April I switched back to personal slim. I loved the pocket size for portability, but struggled being able to actually plan in inserts that size. (Did that mean I learned my lesson and never tried pocket again? Keep reading to find out! haha) So I thought that trying the slim again would be great since the inserts gave me more writing space, but the slim profile meant that it would be lighter and easier to carry.

April Planner Tally:
Planner count to date: 6

In April, I switched to a personal Filofax. I was convinced that finding the right combination of planner cover with the right configuration of pockets/storage and the right ring size would guarantee the perfect planner. So I gave this Filofax a change because it was the same size inserts as the personal and personal slim Gillios, but the ring size was right in between the personal and the slim size – the Goldilocks of ring sizes! So I moved over to this to give it a chance.

May Planner Tally: 1
Planner count to date: 7

I continued this Filofax into June. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t loving it, and was already on the hunt for a different planner. But no one can deny how awesome this croc planner looked with the June Serengeti kit!

But by the end of the month, I’d already switched back to another planner. Back to a gill with 25mm rings and into a blue planner (color!) in preparation for July’s kit. But I couldn’t wait until July to switch, so I had some Serengeti reflected on a blue background:

June Planner Tally: 2
Planner Count to date: 8

I continued using this blue planner in July – for a bit:

But by the end of July, while gearing up to be out of town for several weeks, I switched back to my pocket foxy. I thought this would be the best to be carrying with me while I wasn’t home:

July Planner Tally: 2
Planner count to date: 9

While I was out of town, I bought a PocketXL planner (a planner specifically made with larger rings in the pocket size) and had it delivered to where I was staying! I don’t mess around when it comes to switching planners hahah. I switched to this for August.

I also bought an academic Erin Condren planner back during the spring launch, so I began using it as my home planner:

August Planner Tally: 2
Planner count to date: 11

In September, I actually stayed in the same planner! But I was starting to feel again that it was too small. It frustrated me that I couldn’t just open my planner and jot stuff down – I felt like it was too small for that. The spaces were too small – so it felt like I had to intentionally sit down and focus and write any time I needed to get info down – and with me often planning on the go, that just didn’t work.

September Planner Tally: 2
Total Planner Count: 11

For October, I decided to try a size I hadn’t been in for awhile: a6 rings. I used a6 rings a few years ago (I actually used rings -in-strings in a foxy because I was so determined to use a6 rings haha) and I loved it – but at the time, it was still a relatively uncommon size, so it was tough finding inserts and accessories for it. So I thought I’d give it another try.

And I was still using my Erin Condren:

October Planner Tally: 1
Total Planner Count: 12

In November, I was still using my a6 rings, but I’d secretly added in another planner – keep reading to see!

November Planner Tally: 1
Total Planner Count: 12

I’d discovered new bound(!) planner, called the Wonderland222. I kept thinking that I’d like to try something different,  plus I had been diagnosed with a medical condition and my doctor told me I desperately needed to lighten my purse – and my planner was by far the heaviest thing in there! I’d also been feeling the need to super simplify even more. Y’all have seen me talk before about wanting to plan first and decorate around that, and not try to plan around my decor. That’s still the most intuitive and effective way for me to plan, but it’s so easy to get all the beautiful Cocoa Daisy goodies and feel like I need to put it allllllllll in my planner. Which I gorgeous, and I absolutely loved it. But more often than not, I personally felt like I was carrying around a decorated book that had a couple inserts where I jotted things down – I didn’t feel like I was carrying around my plans and the important info I needed. Which I realize is my fault – I’m the one who chooses what goes in my planner. But I became determined to find a planner that was functional for me and that I could still use Cocoa Daisy with – because I wasn’t going without my monthly box of happy! I found this planner and started using it “behind the scenes” to see if it would work for me as a planner. I am so happy to say that it did! I’ve been using it since the first week of November, and exclusively throughout December, and it has been so wonderful. I have every intention of using it through 2021 – but as I’ve proved here in this post, I can’t be relied on to not wake up tomorrow and decide on a completely different setup! hahah

Oh yes: I started off in a dark brown gillio cover, but quickly moved over into this gorgeous sparkly green cover for Christmas:

So, for all of you who have been counting with me, that brings us to:

December Planner Tally: 3
Planner Count to date: 15

Honestly, I’m kind of surprised the number is that low, and I swear I feel like there are more planners in the mix that just didn’t get photographed because they didn’t survive long enough in my rotation to get a picture! hahah. But it’s all worth it, isn’t it, if it leads to the ever elusive planner peace? Or, if ti doesn’t, it’s still fun trying to find it! I also love how Cocoa Daisy has been able to stick with me throughout this entire journey without missing a beat. No matter which planner/insert/setup I was using, I could grab my box of Cocoa Daisy and use it effectively in my planner. That is the sign of a true, multifunctional planner kit!

As I said I am planning to continue to use this planner into 2021. I will be back early next month with a post on how I’ve set my planner up, and how I plan to continue to use Cocoa Daisy to make this simple, efficient planner gorgeous! Until then, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season! As always, come find me over on Instagram and Youtube. I’d love to connect with you over there!

Talk to you soon Daisies!



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