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If you follow us on Instagram or are a member of the Facebook group, then you might have seen a new FREE Monthly Journal Challenge, created by our Design Team Coordinator, Jennifer. This month, the journal challenge is all about our favorites. We love this challenge because, as memory keepers, we sometimes forget to put ourselves in the story. We often take photos and find the stories around us, but it is good to remember our likes and interest during certain seasons of our lives! Today, our designers choose two prompts from the journal challenge and put their favorites at the center of their layouts.

Jennie chose to document a beloved plant in her beautiful backyard.

“The journal challenge is such a fun idea and I was loving the prompts. This page was based on the prompt for February 6: Favorite Plants.

I started with one layout and decided I just didn’t love it so I started over. Therefore, I printed a full 8.5″x11″ photo and embellished it with both pocket cards and the other beautiful embellishments included in the Denim and Blush Modern Memory Keeping Kit.”

Sometimes, our creative projects do not work out the first time, but we love that Jennie made a fresh start with this layout with her large photo and fun embellishment clusters. The title for your spread does not have to be in one place. We like how Jennie staggered her title, helping to move your eye around the layout.

Natasha took her love of Pinterest off the screen and onto the page.

“I am a huge fan of Pinterest, it is my number one go-to for inspiration outside of Instagram. I love all of the visuals and the ease of all the recommendations of “similar pins” so I was very inspired to pick one of this month’s journal prompts ( Favorite Pinterest Boards) to highlight my most recent pins. This project idea is a great snapshot of current life and your interests, especially for the weeks you don’t have many photos to document. For this project, my goal is to capture my most recent interests in a large-scale photo and then list out my top 8 pins using a 2”x2” pocket page protector.

First, I took a screenshot of my most recent pins directly from Pinterest and then printed it out on matte photo paper. I cut and matted the photo on a double sided patterned paper from the Denim and Blush Classified: Memory Keeping Kit. To not overpower the colors from the Pinterest screenshot I went with some of the softer colors from this month’s Denim and Blush kit. I selected a handful of pocket cards from Denim and Blush Classified: Memory Keeping Kit kit as well as one of the papers from the Denim and Blush Traveler’s Notebook Memory Keeping Kit and cut them down to 2×2 squares which I’ll be using to create mini cards to place inside my page protector. 

Next, I sorted out the desired placement of each patterned square. Using the labels from the Denim and Blush Classified: Memory Keeping Kit, I staggered the labels in a way I felt was pleasing to my eye and then adhered them by peeling away the self-adhesive backing onto each square. To label each square with its corresponding pin image, I used the new Alpha Stamp set to stamp out one through eight, one number per card.

Afterward, I bounced back to my large photo printout,t, and using the Denim and Blush Daisy Sticker Add On Kit,numbered the different photos I wanted to include on my Favorite Pin List. 

Moving back to my list, I filled in each label with a brief description of my Pinterest pin which summarizes my current favorites.

Once my journaling is complete, I move onto embellishing my pocket cards using a few stickers and enamel dots.

Lastly, I went ahead to create a front title, using the Puffy Alpha stickers from the Denim and Blush Traveler’s Notebook Memory Keeping Kit kit I spelled out “My Faves.” I also create a sub-title “Love it, Pin it” pairing the Denim and Blush Traveler’s Notebook Memory Keeping Kit stamp set with the Alpha Stickers from the Denim and Blush Memory Keeping Sticker Kit

No matter what type of memory keeping you are into, using the FREE Monthly Journal Challenge is a fantastic place to gain inspiration in ways to mix things up and take a different angle in your memory keeping projects. I know that I personally will be referring back to these prompts throughout the whole month!” Natasha’s Pinterest favorites spread is Pinterest-worthy itself! It is so true that what inspires us is a little window into who we are at a given time. Did you know that Cocoa Daisy has a Pinterest board? If you haven’t yet, be sure to check it out! We have inspiration boards for every month kit for you to enjoy and find inspiration from.

If you are joining in on the Journal Challenge be sure to let us know by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media or posting to the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page.


Rachel, Memory Keeping Team Blog Coordinator

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