Multiple Planners? No problem!

Hello everyone! I’m back for another post here on the blog to show the flexibility of Cocoa Daisy. Last month, I wrote a post and shared how I used multiple kits in multiple planners. I want to kind of revisit this topic, but with a slight twist. I’ve added a third planner, and I just want to show you how I have more than enough stuff in my box to mix and match in multiple planners.

So, like I said, I added in a third planner. It’s nothing new; in fact, it’s very familiar: I added back a personal slim. The main reason is because I love the size, and I love the flexibility of adding in notes pages for when I need them. The last few weeks have been sooooo busy and crazy, and my notes pages have saved me.

A couple weeks ago, we decided to switch bedrooms around. Not move the furniture around within a room, but to literally move to a different bedroom. All SEVEN of us are now in a different bedroom than we were last month. We have several reasons for making this decision, but let me just tell you: we may as well have moved to a new house. It was a five day process to just get furniture moved, kids had to sleep on air mattresses for a couple nights, it was crazy. Now the furniture is moved, and we are working on moving the little things.

In order to get this done, I had to create a list that’s I called our “Order of Operations”. It was a very specific order in which to do things, to minimize moves, to keep from running out of space, and to hopefully make the entire process smoother. Because of that, I switched over to my rings, since my W222 doesn’t have the flexibility to add and remove notes pages. I have lived in those notes pages for the past two weeks, but also having our schedule in the rings as well so I didn’t drop the ball on any important stuff. And thankfully, since I have cocoa Daisy, I was able to easily add a third planner into the mix and make it just as gorgeous as the others!

Here’s a quick shot of my monthly view in all three planners.

I just copied everything over – my monthly view is gritty and messy and includes everything. I keep over a year’s worth of monthlies at all times in order to preplan, then I usually decorate around those plans. No sticky notes in this view usually – I just jot it down and if it changes, I just scratch it out.

I want to draw attention to the monthly view in my personal slim. See those colorful strips? Those are strips for the monthly view in the Cocoa Daisy weeks planner – and it fits perfectly in the slim! It lines up the dates perfectly, and with such a slim profile, I still have plenty of room to write down appointments!

I’ve shared my EC before, but here’s a quick picture of the first week of March in here:

This is a mix of decorative and functional. I jotted down a couple things that I was planning to do in order to move the rooms, but I quickly realized that this didn’t give me enough space for each day. So I wrote down some of the bigger things that needed done so the kids would see it (this EC is my home-base planner), but then I switched over to the rings.

The second half of the week:

Here’s a picture of that week in the rings. This is just a view of the weekly schedule, but it was made super cute with the Cocoa Daisy kits. I absolutely love how the date flags line up!

As you can see, this has a few things written in here as well. It’s mostly just the stuff I knew I wanted to get done each day, so I wanted it next to my scheduled appointments so I could see how I needed to arrange my day. This was super helpful!

If you remember last month, I used some of the Daisy weeks strips in my w222 planner. They fit perfectly in my personal as well! If you notice, I have one of the monthly strips on the top left page, and one of the thick deco strips on the bottom right. The perfect pop of color on my functional page!

Now, as I mentioned earlier, I’m currently using three planners. There is no logical reason for this, because I don’t need to plan the exact same thing in three different planners. But since when did we as planners need logic and reason to use a planner? Hahah. I love the size and functionality of the slim so it makes sense for me to utilize it right now. But I still absolutely love my w222 so I’ve been keeping it up to date too. That way, if I switch back to it, there won’t be any missing information.

This was probably my simplest of my planners, it was almost exclusively appointments. I feel like I wouldn’t have had nearly the amount of space for everything I needed to write. But that’s just for this specific time – usually I have more than enough room for my appointments and to-dos. So I’m sure I’ll be moving back in to this soon. That’s the beauty of planners isn’t it friends? Being able to change and adapt what we are using to fit our lives at a point in time. And I absolutely love that I have Cocoa Daisy to make the transition seamless, and give me all that I need to plan my life!

Until next time Daisies! Happy spring!

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