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Happy Fall everyone!  Except you down under gals and then it’s Happy Summer.  I envy you.  I love summer.  This time of year is lovely though and the beginning of the holiday season so it is exciting!

This month I am highlighting someone who I have know for several years.  Jessi Lute and I first met when we were both on the One little Word design team.  She is an amazing scrapbooker and photographer plus a whole bunch of other things but I will let her tell you about that:


i have been creative as far back as i can remember,
learning from my mama as a little girl and taking on my own interests as i grew.
at the hands of my mom, i learned how to sew, cook & bake, and garden
she exposed us to music, theater, art, and museums.
in school i fell in love with reading, writing, & photography.
i swear, anne of green gables lived in my head during grade 5 through to…
mmm, i think she still resides inside my head. 😛
art, in it’s various forms, has always been a part of me and my life.
as an adult i have explored scrapbooking, more photography, crochet and quilting, soap making
and there’s many more things to try on my list.
eventually i would like try batiking, and…
well, maybe i will save some of this list to surprise you with later. 🙂
i think this is my most favourite part of life…there is no expiration on learning or doing.
i am a mom of 3 amazing children whom i love and inspire me daily.
i am married to an equally amazing man i met when i was 20 and has put up with every creative undertaking i have delved into…definitely true love there. 😉
we are a homeschooling family which has allowed me to really explore what education and the concept of learning really means.
we are that crazy family down the road that does everything themselves.
we raise egg laying chickens in town, we grow a garden, we reclaim and recycle to renovate our home, we can, preserve, jam, and making everything we possibly can from scratch.
my family has been shifting for the last 6 years to a life of sustainability, off the grid, and homesteading.
my kids run barefoot thru the grass, climb trees and get dirty. 😉
yeah, that crazy family. 😛
i love running, bootcamp training, and yoga.
i drink coffee and love tea and scones.

Jessi is such a great addition to our Cocoa Daisy family.  Her gallery is fantastic!  Here are some of my favorite projects.

create me ourjourney summerbliss homemade

Here are some of her links to her blog and social media.  Please stop by and say hello to her.  Her blog is wonderful and filled with homeschooling and enjoying life thoughts!

my blog

Now on to the amazing work in the gallery!  I am so behind on my gallery commenting.  You have been crazy busy creating and loading stuff to the gallery!  Here are just a few that caught my eye today.

This one by Sherry is beautiful!  I love how she used the paper, which is my favorite from this past month’s kit.  What a special photo as well.


Marsha has such a wonderful whimsical and mixed media style.  I love her happy face!


Happy Mail


treyaut has done a great job with layering and embellishments.  I love the cluster at the bottom and her title work.

remember me always

This layout by lisaottosen is so perfect.

her and me

Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us everyone.  I promise when my kids give me more than 10 minutes at a time on the computer I will leave some comments in the gallery!


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  1. Lisa

    I loved learning more about Jessi : )
    Love her work so much.


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