January Daisy Adoration

Do you scrap more in the winter months than in the summer?  I don’t.  I am much more motivated by sunshine.  You would think it would be the reverse but I need more light to feel creative. Here in Missoula Montana it is pretty dark and grey most days in the winter.  So not very good for my creativity BUT, great for looking at on line galleries and blogs for ideas and inspiration.

Speaking of inspiration, the gallery is filling up again this month.  Lots to love and inspire.

Look at this beautiful all white layout of Tyrone the guinea pig.  He is so handsome!

Hello Tyrone

Check out Savi’s awesome 2 page spread.  Great title work and love that blue-green and grey chevron paper!


Deb’s Chicago layout is fantastic.  I love the monochromatic color scheme and the sepia toned photos.


Clara has an amazing talent for backgrounds which she showcases here.  Look at the subtle color mists.


Julie made her pugs look even cuter than usual with this whimsical spread.  Sandi’s DITL spread is so lovely with her beach photos and those great cards.  Really like the red/white/blue combo.  Iska did a great job showing off this paper with the circle design.   The colors are really fun on this one!

January Sketch    July 2015  queenofvictoria

I hope you feel creative this winter, despite the weather or sunshine level.  Don’t forget to post to the gallery.  It doesn’t have to be Cocoa Daisy kits either.  We love seeing what you are creating and enjoying!


  1. Pam Allen Sohan on Facebook

    I scrap more from November thru February, especially if the cedar pollen is bad. Then I hibernate inside. That stuff is EVIL!

  2. Julie B

    What a fun collection of layouts! And thank you for including my pug and her bestie.

  3. Iska G. Wire on Facebook

    Just saw this! Thanks for the mention. I scrap more in the summer due to schedules.


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