Art Journaling in May

Hello! Since we’re having a little break with the Project Art kits this month, I thougth I’d create a journaling page using some of the bits and pieces from the May kits. I actually made a video, showing the process of my page. I didn’t plan the page before I started (I rarely do) and you’ll see that some of what I created in the beginning is more or less completely covered in the end. That’s often the case, and I don’t mind. Creating many layers adds depth to the piece and sometimes that little tiny bit that is still showing from the early layers is what makes the page special.

I wasn’t brave enough to talk when filming, but I added text instead… perhaps another time. 🙂 Please let me know if you have any questions!


Anna CD blog copy


  1. Laura

    Loved watching this!
    Thanks Anna 🙂

  2. marianne b

    Fun to watch! Thanks Anna!

  3. alissa

    Love watching this video, Anna. You rocked it! 🙂

  4. Anna Sigga

    Love this to bits – fab colors!

  5. Deborah P

    It’s always fun to see creativity in progress. Thanks for sharing. The text was fine – I was able to focus on what you were doing and not the voice. I’ve been too timid to art journal, but I really like the freedom (and the covering up) you showed here. Thanks for the inspiration.


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