April’s Real Life Kit Tips…We have secrets to share

Hi! It’s Lisa here today.

I’ve had a get together with some of the Cocoa Daisy girls to discuss some ‘Real Life’ tips using this month’s kit. I can’t wait to share them with you.

My own personal real life tip is this one here. I was really in the mood to scrapbook. You know when you just have that feeling?! But I hadn’t prepared a photo. I was sitting on the floor in the lounge in the evening with my husband with my new Cocoa Daisy kit and didn’t want to go in to my studio as everything was switched off and closed down for the night. I was going to just leave it and close up the scrapbook box, but then I thought I would scrapbook without a photo and just leave a space to add one the following day.

So I made this.

I decided to cut one of the 4×6 Simple stories journal cards out from the 12×12 piece as that would made a good photo frame but also represent where my photo will go making it easy to scrap around.

Then the next morning it was easy to print off a photo to fit that spot. I’m so pleased that I scrapbooked when I had the urge to.

Next we have Kelly with a tip using the DITL cards.

 ”Don’t forget that you can cut up the DITL cards to use as embellishments. I cut up two on this page. One 4×6 card and layered it behind the photo (The Mom Files), and a 3×4 card cutting the camera out to use as an embellishment. Also, for a different take on a boring title, add a hashtag! It turns a boring title into one that is a bit more fun”.

I also wanted to share Audrey’s page with you. Audrey is our Guest Designer this month. Look how this LO has been mosaic’d together. This is such a great idea when you have a whole load of bits and pieces to use and scraps too. All those little pieces of paper are just a perfect for using up your scraps. Love this!!

  If you really like scrapbooking on a white background, but you feel the page needs a little colour, do what Sarah has done here and add some colour to the corners of your page. This adds the perfect amount of colour without taking any distraction away from those cute photos. Great idea!!

I love this idea from Katherine. This is Katherine’s Real Life moment. You don’t have to have those perfect picture perfect moments to scrapbook all the time. Katherine had a really time with kids appointments and just took a quick snap shot on her phone to document in this way. It’s such a great way to document real life moments.

And look how Katherine used a stamp from the kit to create the ‘Sick Day’ border along the bottom of her page. Perfect!!  Great idea!

I hope you’ve enjoyed our tips this month and you’ve found them useful. If you have any of your own, please do share with us.

Thank you!!

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