Happy FriYAY everyone! Suz dropping in to share a few tips I have using June’s Under the Sea kits.

To be honest, sometimes when I sign up for these posts, I think I am going to have a hard time coming up with ideas for the post, but in reality what happens is the post kind of evolves on its own as I create with my kits.  Sometimes my tips may seem a bit more advanced or complicated, but most often they are simple little light bulb moments or serendipitous accidents that occur along the way.

Below is a short process video where I share how I deconstructed a June planner page and transformed it into a graduation card. {TIP:  Think out of the box — or think out of the planner in this case! LOL}


This month I have also been sharing a few of my tips in short little boomerang videos on Instagram.  If you haven’t seen them, you can check them out on my Instagram feed — @SuzMannecke.

Have an amazing weekend!


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