Do you have a creative addiction too???

Is it just me, or does everyone around here have some kind of addiction when creating?

One of mine (yes I confess to having more than one of them!) is frames. I do love to frame.  If you look through my gallery you will see that I use a variation of frames on my work over and over again.

– I print my photos with a frame

– I often trim down my LO’s and then stick them onto coloured cardstock to create a border/frame

– I will create a frame around my work either by doodling, sewing, journaling, painting and today it’s by using washi tape.

In the April Day in the Life – Coconut Telegraph Addon is a pack of Amy Tangerine Washi Tape. This pack is great as it’s full of strips that include different designs. You just peel off the strip and cut to size. Perfect for frame making!!

I decided that I wanted to create a frame around my photos. I started by taking a ruler and pencil so that my tape would go down in a straight line. No wonky lines for me today.

I wanted to use a mix of the colourful tapes, so just cut off a short piece each time. I needed to rub out the pencil line a little at a time so that the line didn’t show through the tape.


You keep on going and it starts to look like this.

Until you’ve finished your frame and it looks like this. Isn’t it a great way to use your washi tape?!

And then it’s time to add your photos and all the other pretty bits and pieces. I used mostly the addon on this page.

And then finally the completed LO.

I do really love a frame. It just finishes it off in my eyes.

So, what’s your creative addiction?


  1. Sharin Johnson on Facebook

    My only “addiction” is journaling. A layout isn’t a layout without it. There must be a story behind those pictures — tell it. 😉

    • Lisa Saunders

      Yes I agree. It doesn’t feel right creating without a story : )

  2. Julie B

    Love how you outlined/framed your photos too!


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