Project Art – March

Hello! I’m so sorry that this is another late Project Art post. The good news are that the April post should actually be up before the end of April – yay! 🙂

The March project art kit contained a Dylusions Ink Spray Pad, 3 bottles of colourful Dylusions Ink Spray, a 6×6 stencil from Crafter’s Workshop, 2 doilies, a shipping tag and an exclusive Cocoa Daisy label stamp.

The Ink Spray Pad can be used in soooo many ways and I highly recommend that you watch this video, where Dyan Reavely demonstrates a great number of ways to use the spray and the pad. One of her tips is that you lightly spray the pad with water, before you use it the first time.

I started out by just playing with the pad, trying out a bunch of the options from Dyan’s video. My favourite of the techniques was using the pad to ink up the cute flower stamp from one of the previous Project Art kits.


I also pressed the pad directly against my page…


I used one of the doilies as a mask when spraying…



And I combined some stamping, pressing and spritzing with water…


I made sure to use the excess ink by dragging tags into it…



I also added some gesso, using the stencil and a palette knife…


And then added some of the blue Ink Spray on top.


The first of my finished pages was created by stamping a whole bunch of times, journaling in some of the labels and adding some bits and pieces from the kits.

start here

On top of the stamped page I added the doily, using my sewing machine.
hello and yay

And for my third page I added some fabric strips to the coloured shipping tag. “MOD” means COURAGE.


Of course you can just rinse the Pad when you are done, and use it with other colours later on. I hope you enjoyed this post and that you are having fun with your kit! Please let me know if you have any questions!

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