Welcome to our 2018 Memory Keeping team!

Join us in welcoming our new and returning Memory Keeping team members! We are looking forward to all the inspiration they’ll be sharing this upcoming year. You’re sure to find ideas galore as you follow these talented women.  

Returning members
Top Row: Kelli Crane, Wendy Antenucci, Suzanna Lee, Katherine Maynard
2nd Row: Lisa Abbott-Saunders, Moon Lee, Niru Kumar, Marie Friant
3rd Row: Kylie Kingham

New members:
3rd Row: Estelle, Simone Schermann, Traci Reed
4th Row; Jennifer Davis, Brooke Gorrell-Beaudoin, Odessa Neudorf, Celma

And a huge thank you to Alissa Fast and Suz Mannecke for the years of inspiration you brought to Cocoa Daisy. We’ll definitely miss your contributions, we appreciate all you’ve done to inspire us!

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