When My Kit Comes, I Mean Came…

I was up late one night, I couldn’t sleep. I started working on Cocoa Daisy assignments and went to check the blog schedule. My heart sank, I had the “When My Kit Comes” assignment for June and had already done some major damage to Boho Gardens. There was to be no neat stacks of paper, no pile of alphabets to show, no cute little cups of embellishments. It was a major mess. So I OKd an idea with Lisa, and here we are.

When my Boho Garden kit and add ons came… I dug in, and this is what’s left.


This is what I do with the leftovers. I put everything in the original pizza box, then start sorting. I don’t keep my kits together for too long, I just don’t have the room to store them.

Any smaller scraps of paper, I toss into the recycling bin.

Larger scraps go in my folder of scraps, that’s the first folder. I go through this periodically and purge, when it gets full. But I find I use the scraps more often this way. I’ve tried lots of methods, this works for me.

Full sheets of paper go through the inspection process. If I know I won’t use it, it goes in the donate pile for when friends are looking for something. If it’s a paper I just love, I keep it in the second folder.


Alphabets go into a poorly organized bag, I will go through it every so often and share with friends to keep the collection at a manageable size.

Embellishments and ribbons, if I have any left, get split up by category. I find that I use most of what comes in the main kit during my DT creating, Christine knows exactly what I’ll use somehow. If I do have anything extra, like these butterflies, I find it a good idea to make a quick card or two. Then I have cards when I need them!


The rest get separated into categories in these baskets. I go through them about once a year and get rid of things.




And that is how I will break down a kit. Someday, my space will be all tidied up and you’ll get a tour, but until then, I hope you can take an idea or two and incorporate it into your own organization.


  1. Sara Kiiru

    Can I send you prepaid envelopes so you can send me the tiny scraps that otherwise go in your recycling bin? Those are my favorite scraps to use!

  2. Suz

    Darling card Emily! Love reading about how you sort and purge to keep things manageable with your CD kits!

  3. arleigh

    by “recycling bin” you mean “give to arleigh,” right?


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