June Teaming Up – Camera Chat

Cameras and the photos we take are a pretty important part of scrapbooking. The majority of our scrapbooking pages are geared up around our photos.

As we quite often get asked about the cameras we use, we thought it would be fun to chat about our cameras and what we think of them and any tips that we can pass on.

Ashley starts us off. Ashley has 2 cameras that she uses.

”I have two cameras that I use regularly: my DSLR, a Canon T3i Rebel, and my iPhone. I love them both because they are both great at what they do.

My Rebel was a gift from Paul for my birthday a couple of years ago. I think it is the perfect camera for me. It truly is all I need — I just want to be able to get some decent shots of my kids. I also use this camera for photographing all of my layouts and projects, AND I use it for recording all of my scrappy videos. I use it every day.

I use my iPhone all the time. It’s perfect because I always have it with me and I can grab fast shots that are decent enough. It’s good enough for printing. And because my iPhone is connected to everything, I can easily share these photos on Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Facebook, my blog, etc‘.’

Alissa uses 3 cameras and tells us this.

”I have 3 cameras that I use on a regular basis. My Canon 7D, an iPhone5s and a Fuji Instax 50s. I love them all for different reasons.

I use the 7D for clients, on trips (small or large), my projects to post and when I just want to go out and “play” nature photographer. haha I LOVE the quality of the photos I get from it and I use RadLab with Photoshop Elements to edit and I love the ability to tweak the photos to my liking. If that makes sense.

I LOVE my iPhone5s! It takes awesome photos and I love that I can edit with PicTapGo (from Totally Rad Actions) right on my phone and post instantly on IG and FB and Twitter. Also, PicTapGo is by the same makers as Rad Lab and many of the edits are the same, so, my photos can have a consistent look whether from phone or DSLR.

The instax is just FUN! This is my 2nd one (sold the Mini 7s when I got this one). I have learned to take decent photos with it and love the results. Outdoors is best (i don’t like using the flash) and you have to make sure you are aware that the viewfinder does not look through the lens and you need to adjust for that. I’ve gotten really good at selphies with it. :) Film is not cheap, but now that Michael’s carries the Mini 8 and different films, you can use the 40% or 50% off coupon on the films (and cameras) and it’s cheaper than Amazon and readily available”.

And Sharmaine shares this with us.

”I have a Canon 450D. I have no clue how to use it so it is always on flash off mode. One day I hope to have the brain space to take a course and learn some things.
I also have a Samsung GalaxyS4. I got it for the camera, but still look at photos taken by other people and wonder what I am doing wrong.

I use my Canon for photographing my layouts and most of my photos. I use my phone for quick “in the moment” snaps. I LOVE Instagram for that very reason. It’s instant and I can snap, post and forget”!

And finally me.

We have 4 cameras at home. We’ve had the DSLR Nikon D80 for quite some years now. My husband tends to use it more than me and he keeps talking about upgrading, but it does still take really good photos. We mainly use it on vacation and the outdoors shots really do come out bright and crisp.

My favourite camera that I use all the time is my Canon Powershot G15. I love this camera so much. I had the G10 before this. It started off as we were looking for a ‘park’ camera. We love our trips to Orlando and as much as the DSLR takes beautiful photos, it’s a pain to carry around all day especially when you are on and off rides. My G15 slips nicely in to my bag or pocket and it’s not heavy to carry around but it has lots of the DSLR benefits. It’s like a cross between a DSLR and a compact. I love the photos it takes. It photographs inside so well. Much better that the DSLR.   I use it to photograph my LO’s. The other thing I love is that I can video with it too which is great for vacations.

We bought an underwater camera before our last Florida trip and it was worth every penny. It’s a Canon D20. It’s shock and water proof. We not only used it in the pool but on water rides too. It has a great little safety strap that fits tightly on your wrist. The photos and videos are excellent quality. We were so impressed.

And finally like Sharmaine, I have a Samsung S4 that I love. I use it for instagram photos all the time and love how they print.

I hope you have found this useful. If you have any questions, please do ask us.

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