Product Focus with Alissa – Cork Arrows/Chevrons

Hey, Hey! Happy, almost, June, Daisies! How did you love reveal? Christine did not disappoint! Those of you with travel plans this summer are all set for your summer travel scrapping with the Let’s Go! kit and all the add-on goodies! I loved it all!

Now, those cute cork arrows/chevrons were a favorite of mine in the main Let’s Go! kit! LOVE them! I’m always a sucker for something “natural” to go with my bright colors! So, cork, wood veneer and metals are my “go to” embellishments.

Now, don’t let those little suckers stump you on how to adhere them to you page. My favorite method is to just staple them to the page.

Or, use a little dab of liquid glue.
Like here…

And on this photo in my DITL Week 19 spread…
You could even run them through your sewing machine. (I don’t have an example, but I’m sure one of the other DT girls did that this month.)

I really hope you love the cork as much as I did and I can’t wait to see what you all do with it, once your kits start arriving. I challenge you all to come up with some new, cool ideas for adhering it to your projects and don’t forget to share them in the gallery.

Back to your regularly scheduled Friday. 🙂

Happy, almost, June!



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