Finding the Right Size Planner for You

Hello Daisy Family!  How do you choose the right planner for you and your needs?  Wendy here today to share some pros/cons and thoughts on various sizes that are available to planners, to help you sort out all the lovely options.

So I decided I would “try” out a few sizes this month; I spent a week in each one of the sizes so that I would really be able to offer some insight.  I have made a video, but you can also scroll down where I’ve shown pictures of each and listed pros/cons.

As you might remember I use the A5 inserts to decorate my Happy Planner which is my everyday journal/diary/memory keeping method, but I had all those lovely extras and decided to use them to plan.  This is the system that worked for me for awhile…

Pros… week on one page view; blank page to set up daily to-do lists; plenty of room; customization available with this method; plenty of binders to choose from to keep all your lovelies in!  But… then I needed a more mobile option and this wasn’t it.
Cons…larger binder to carry around which can be quite bulky in a purse.

Standard Daisy Dori
I really had my first experience in a standard dori with my December Daily and for memory keeping I’d say this is an amazing size!  Take a look

Ahhh, perfection in a cute little book.  But what about the Pros as a planning system…

Pros… plenty of room to give each day a section on the grid paper;  it was portable enough; plenty of pages; plenty of room for tracking a whole month of goals.
Cons…it wasn’t really customizable; A LOT of blank pages left; missed all of one days thoughts/to-do/and meals on one page, but that would be too big.

Personal Daisy Dori
Next up I decided to try the Personal size Dori which I decided to give one day to each page, this actually is probably my best option for me.

Pros…to-do list, meals, and other notes on one page; fits nicely in my purse; quite easy to carry around by itself or in a binder.
Cons…I like the grids, but by giving each day a page I ended up having blank pages to deal with (I improvised by gluing in the Personal binder pages); no week in a page view

Finally, my tracking doesn’t all fit on the page; to make things fit I had to combine the weekend… you can see the difference between the two books here.

And lastly, I tried the personal day planner size.  So let’s just start that my bright pink binder did NOT match January!  So, to make this work I organized the pages the way I wanted them and then sealed the one edge with a few layers of mod podge.  It worked really well and I used double sided tape to attach the booklet to my cover.  It has held up all month with no issues so that also offers a new option!

So Pros… Totally able to customize your desired pages; lots of room for scheduled events, to-dos, notes; a week in a glance view; nice small carry-able size.
Cons… I really don’t like rings being in my way so I’d have to make a booklet each time, if I want to see more than one day at a time I’d have to go to the WO2 pages view which is too small.

Wow, that’s a lot of options and I didn’t even get to try the new B6 size or the mini dori yet!  So I would love to know what are your favorite sizes?  How do you customize them to fit you?  What pros/cons have you found?  You can leave a comment or meet the planner team over on the Cocoa Daisy FB page and share away, I will start a post for your thoughts!



  1. scrapnmom

    I love this Wendy! I especially love how you used your standard dori for your December Daily. I love using my mini dori as my daily planner. I don’t have a busy life…no kids at home, no job (disabled) to keep track of, my wonderful husband makes dinner every night so I don’t even meal plan anymore, so I found this small size to be perfect! I keep track of Dr appts, and to do’s that I want to get done each day. I put 4 days on one set of pages and 3 days on the next. The blank middle pages are used for monthly goals and such. I also use a standard dori for my daily journal. It is already split into 3 sections so I use the top section as my daily journal and the bottom sections for the monthly challenges from both Cocoa Daisy and Boho Berry.

  2. Simone Schermann

    You really did a thorough job of trying to find what works best for you! I am the same as you, the binders with the rings (or at least the one I tried) just aren’t for me. They are big, the rings are always in the way. If you happen to have some leftover discs from your Happy Planner I highly suggest punching the personal pages and use them with discs. I never thought it would make such a huge difference. Rings, discs isn’t that basically the same?
    I can’t wait to read a follow up in a couple of months!


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